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Category:    Main  »  2004 Guest Photos
Milt and Pat Robinson hail from the Denver area and went home with 170 pounds of Steaks and Fillets ~ EACH!

Milt and Pat fished aboard the c/v Discovery with Captain Mike Boettcher, and their Deck hand Justin Peterson.
the members of this fishing party of 4 are
Tommy Van Drew
Rick Kienitz
Gaylord Imure
Gerry Imura

From Left to right; Gaylord Imura, Tommy Van Drew, Rick Kienitz, and Gerry Imura. These gentlemen spent two days of their 5 day trip crab and shrimping (along with some fishing on the side.)

a highly sucessful trip for all!

L to R are;
Gerry Imura, Rick Kienitz, Tommy Van Drew, Gaylord Imura ~ & Jumbo Spot Prawns!
Gerry Imura featured here with a beautiful King Salmon!

Excellent Job, and a beautiful fish!
'Catch of the Day' for Rick Kienitz!

Nice Job there Rick!
Tommy Van Drew - Our group Leader sporting another King Salmon! Aside from all the fish they took home, they also went home with a box full of nothing else but crab and shrimp.

All in all an excellent trip!
Gaylord Imura ~ Gaylord harvest this healthy sized King Salmon.

These four gentlemen; Tom, Gaylord, Rick, and Gerry all went home with King Salmon, Coho, Yellow-Eye, Rock Fish, Halibut, Crab and Shrimp!
Jim Eckstein helping his wife Paula hold up the Ling Cod measuring 39.5 inches which she harvested!

Slot limits for Ling Cod this year were 30 to 40 inches.

Congratulations Paula!

They fished aboard the c/v Discovery with Captain Mike Boettcher, & Deckhand Justin Peterson.
Derrick Wright is pictured here with a very nice Silver Salmon. Derrick fished alongside his dad Delano (Dee) Wright.

Photo compliments of Derrick Wright.
From: "Wright, Derrick J"
To: "Alaskan Reel Affair Charters"
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004


Just a quick note of thanks to you, Tim and all the great people with Reel Affair Charters. My dad and I had a great time visiting Sitka and catching some fish. We went home with 140 lbs. between us and really don't know how we are going to finish it all. We are looking forward to visiting you again next summer, hopefully with four people so we can have our own boat.

We fished the first day with Jeremy and Roman and had an awesome day. The next two days we fished with Mike and Justin and my dad and I just can't say enough good things about those two guys. Mike took us to where the fish were every time and Justin took care of everything else. If you have them back next year we would love to fish with them again! They are two of the best.

Thanks again Octobre and here are a couple of pictures of my dad's "big" Halibut (only around 25 lbs.) and my Lingcod and one picture of just a sample of the wonderful Coho's we caught. Keep up the good work and see you next season!

Photo compliments of Derrick Wright.
Delano Wright with a hallibut in the 25 pound class. Although this is a smaller halibut, the fillets it yields these mens will melt in their mouth ~

Photo Compliments of Dee's son Derrick Wright.

Thank you Derrick!
Tom Satterwhite on the left, with his wife Katy Garvin on the far right, & Son Graham Satterwhite in the center.

This 1 day fishing vacation yielded this family of 3 ~ 99 pounds of King Salmon, Coho, and Ling Cod fillets.
Graham Satterwhite with 2 very nice Ling Cod. Ling Cod carried a slot limit of 30 to 40 inches this season.
from L to R is Patrick Carney, and his Dad and Group Leader Dick Carney.

Pat showing a healthy sized Coh, and Dick with a very nice King Salmon.

The members in this fishing party are;

Dick Carney
Dan Carney
Pat Carney &
John Betts
Pictured here is Dan Carney in the third week of August 2004, with a beautiful King.

A summer not soon forgotten with hot weather finally over, the morning have been a bit overcast, fading into scattered clouds and beautiful afternoons.
John Betts harvested this nice sized King.

These 4 gentlemen all chose to share their harvest equally amongst themselves for a 4-way group split of their entire catch for the three days of fishing.
The Alfred Tillman Party fished August 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 2004.

They chose the 6:00 A.M. flight to depart Sitka the morning of August 28th. They were greeted at the airport by Matt Smith, and Garth Aasen who assisted them with their frozen fish, and airport check-in.

Each angler went home with 202 Lbs. of fillets yielded from their collective harvest of King Salmon, Halibut, Yellow-Eye, Ling Cod, and Rock Fish.

From Left to Right;
James Abernathy
Darrell Davis
David Davis Sr.
Ben Deckard
Alfred Tillman our 'group leader'
Freddie Spears
Jeff Davis
David Davis Jr.
Harry Alford &
Emerson Smith
Not pictured and unable to make the trip this year was Joel Rucker.

Thank you gentlemen.
Featured here on the c/v Reel Affair is Jeff Davis sporting a very nice King on a beautiful Sitka morning.

nice work!
Jeff Davis, James Abernathy & David Davis Sr. with several Yellow-Eye in hand & on the deck, all harvested while fishing for Halibut in the afternoon.

These gentlemen fished aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson, and deck hand Chris Ystead.
Harry Alford is shown here (well almost) partially hidden behind his King Salmon! Typically our folks fish their Salmon species in the morning hours, and while heading out the the Halibut grounds they'll break for lunch, set anchor, and fish their ground species. Nice work Harry!
Ben Deckard - showing off the first of many Coho / Silver Salmon to come aboard!

Thank you gentlemen!
Sam Davidson on the left is shown with his Deck hand Justin Peterson aboard the c/v Dicovery, and Captain Mike Boettcher. Sam Harvest this very nice King Salmon, Coho, and Halibut.
Tom Smith Junior, havested this fattie! When it came into the 'Fish House' the night of the 24th, I just happened to lift the 'tote' lid, and then called everyone else over to take a look.

This Fat King, Fit in the tote, but he was so darn FAT! It seems a majority of Kings that are on the larger side, are long & slender. But this big boy was short and so FAT! It made parts of the King look out of proportion to the rest of him. A great catch by Tom Smith Jr.
Shown is Tom Smith Jr, Jack Larned and Tom Smith Jr. In the cabin hiding is Harry Larned, Jack's Brother.

Friends who joined Jack Larned this trip are;

Jack's brother, Harry Larned
Harry's good friend Tom Smith Senior &
Tom Sr.'s Son, Tom Smith Jr.
Harry Larned, sporting a very nice Coho! Good Job Harry. These fellows came back to the dock with an impressive amount of fish for one day! 3 Totes!
Tom Smith Jr, enjoying the incredible weather we have had all summer long! He's going home with more of a tan than he came with ~ and the fish he takes home!
Tom Smith Senior, along with his deck hand Ryan Smith harvested a beautiful King! Kings and Coho were plentiful!

Those who Joined Tom S. Smith;
Jack Larned
Harry Larned &
Tom Smith Jr.

Thank you Gentlemen!

Photo compliments of the crew aboard the c/v Le Affare Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle, and deck hand Ryan Smith.

From: "Thomas S. Smith"
Subject: Many Thanks
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 01:19:58

Octobre and Tim.

I didn?t think Tim was that good of a photographer (the way he held the camera) until we got the pictures on the Web site.

Those of TR are great. I am not sure I can download. Could you copy to a disk and send it to me. Let me know the cost.

When I was in high school I told my wife to be that I was going to have a son that I could enjoy as a playmate. TR and I had one of the most fun times in the last few years. Your operations is first class and that includes sincerity too.

The shipment (seafood) made it with no problems.

I hope we can make another trip.

Thank you again.
Veradale, WA.
Photo Compliments of Joel Swartz. Joel snapped this photo heading out to a full day of Salmon and Halibut fishing.

Joel and his party Fished with us over July 16, 17, 18, and 19, 2004

Photo compliments of Joel Swartz ~ Thank you Joel!
Bob Reid, our 'group Leader' fished with 'his' Captain again this year. Captain Jeremy Twaddle aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine'.

Shown L to R is;

Jesse Dudley
Deck hand Roman Sorokin
Bob Reid ~ Group Leader
George Kirkelie &
Dominic Etchandy

Bob and George have been lifelong buddies since Medical School.

I was hoping to have had some free time to spend time with Bob to hear about the trip he and his son Steve (not pictured) had taken to Europe earlier this summer.

Bob was afforded the opportunity to revisit some of the locations he had once been stationed during the 'Battle of the Bulge'. He told me only bits & pieces of his trip ~ All facinating. I wish I had been able to hear more about it. I remember he said how friendly and warm the folks were he met in his travels. I wasn't surprised, Bob is a very warm gentleman.

Nice show of fish you have there guys! Halibut, Coho, & Yellow Eye. That evening they announced themselves back at the dock with 3 'totes' of fish for processing. A Sucessful day all around, with good fishing for all, fair weather, and calm seas. Congratulations!
Each one as pretty as the last, and diffrent than the next ~

Photo compliments of Jermy Twaddle the captain aboard the c/v Reel de Bobine'.
1st day out fishing and Ralph, my 'group leader' hooked into this beautiful 42 pound King (Chinook) Salmon.

Heck of a way to begin a trip!

Ralph was joined by good friends Joe Mandolfo, & Aaron Waters.
Ralph Zuckerberg on the left, with Joe Madolfo on the right holding this healthy 42 pound King Salmon, which was caught by Ralph. (big fish)
Arron Waters joined Ralph again this year on their excursion to Sitka. Arron is pictured holding this very nice Yellow Eye. Yellow Eye is a cold water 'cousin' of a Red Snapper with firm white meat, and a very mild flavor.

Nice job Aaron.

Photo compliments of the crew aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel. Captain Tim Twaddle and Deck hand Ryan Smith.
Aaron Waters holding up this Halibut he harvested for a quick picture. The weather these three gentlemen had was perfect, as were the seas. It was a virtual lake!
from Left to Right;
Joe Mandolfo with his Deck hand Ryan Smith.

Excellent job men! I know this one made Ralph happy. He was looking for some Halibut to take home. The 3 men who made up this group of anglers are;
Ralph Zuckerberg
Aaron Waters &
Joe Mandolfo
Aaron Waters ~

(a picture is worth 1000 words).
Photo compliments of the crew on the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle, and Deck hand Ryan Smith.
From Left to Right

Robert Langille
Dale Fletcher - Grandson
Kenny Bowser - Good Friend
Darla Langille

It's not often when I get the 'daily catch' pictures taken back at the dock. Pretty impressive isn't it?

So, there is Kenny; the youngest and the smallest angler of this party of 6, and 3rd from the left. Kenny is the one who harvested this 130 lb Halibut.
Dale Fletcher, Kenny Bowser, Bob and Darla Langille

Same day ~ the rest of the story!
L to R is Cindy Bowser, Kenny Bowser, Dale Fletcher, & Darla Langille.

It was perfect weather, perfect fishing, all shared with good friends and family! It just won't get much better than this!

Photo compliments of The crew aboard the c/v Reel Affair. Captain Joel Simonson, and deck hand Chris Ystead.
Robert Langille - Nice Catch Bob!
Larry Bowser, with one of many Coho's yet to be caught by this group. I believe Cindy Bowser refered to some of their Coho's as 'Chernoble' Coho's. (because they were so much bigger than the average Coho.

Note: Cindy, Larry's wife, landed herself a 39.5 inch Ling Cod!

Bob, Darla & Dale, Cindy, Bob & Kenny all Fished their little fannies off.
L to R;

Dale Fletcher ~
Cindy Bowser ~
Kenny Bowser ~
Larry Bowser ~
Darla Langille ~
Bob Langille ~

the 6 of them flew home with 190 pounds in finished seafood fillets each / (18 boxes)

The Bowser's and Langill's were delivered to our airport by Monica. Once there they were directed to their seafood, which had been previously placed on carts by Matt Smith and Garth Aasen, for their 'check-in' with Alaska Airlines.

My 'fish guys' Matt Smith and Garth Aasen assisted the Langille and Bowser Family through the entire check in process, until their assistance was no longer needed.
These three individual fishing parties all shared the same departure with Alaska Airlines. They also shared some common fishing days, with diffrent Captains on diffrent boats.

Allen Burriessi & Roger Ceccato fished aboard the c/v Discovery.

Tom and Kay Seeliger with Ross De Lipkaua aboard the c/v Reel Affair.

Clarence Gomes, Ron Farria, Mike Gancasz & Rich Galletti (not pictured) fished aboard the c/v Affaire De Bobina.

One other thing these folks all shared was a highly sucessful trip with and incredible fishing!
Rich Caletti was missing from his Group's departure Photo simply because Rich choose to fly out of Sitka on the 1:58 pm flight on Alaska Airlines.

Thanks for fishing with us Rich!

received 10.25.2004
Octobre, I would first of all like to express my thanks for the great trip this past August as part of the Faria Party...
Your welcome Rich! Until next time ~

Picture here L to R is Michael Gancasz, Clarence Gomes, and Ron Faria.

I received this e-mail along with several attached photo's from Mike. Mike ~ In advance Thank you!

From: Michael Gancasz
Subject: Our Great trip.
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2004

Hello everyone in Sitka, Octobre, Tim, Jeremy, Roman, Monica, Mike and Justin.

My name is Michael Gancasz and I was just there for one week with Clarence Gomes and Ron Faria on a 5 day fishing trip. I wanted to drop a quick line and let you know I had one of the best vacations of my life.

The professionalism dispalyed by everyone employed by Alaska Reel Affair was exceptional.

I fished with knowledgable people like Jeremey, Roman, Mike and Justin. If not for them, the trip would not have been what it was.

All total the trip yeilded approximately 1,000 pounds of fillets for the four of us. We were absolutely killing the fish and at times the boat looked like a homicide scene, there were so many fish on board.

I had to purchase a floor freezer just to store the catch. The packaging was exceptional and I had my first Salmon dinner the night after I got home (It was great).

Hopefully we can keep in touch. I will be sending you a CD rom with the 60 or so pictures I took while I was there. I'am attaching some pictures to this E-Mail and I hope to see them on your web site soon.

Please tell Jeremey and Roman I said hello and I'll see them again next year.

Your friend Mike Gancasz - Thank You Mike! Octobre
Pictured is Rich Galletti. Limits allow our guests to harvest one King Salmon per day, per person, not to exceed 3 for an annual bag limit. Ron harvested his personal limits of King Salmon this morning!

Photo compliments of Mike Gancasz, fellow angler
Michael Gansasz aboard the c/v Affare De Bobine (Reel Affair in Italian. Beautiful fish you have there Michael!

In the background is Mike's Deck hand Roman Sorokin.

Photo compliments of Mike Gancasz.
(Happy with that new freezer Mike?)
Clarence Gomes ~ Let's see, what can I say about Clarence? A very nice gentlemen as the majority of our guests are. A rather quiet gentleman, and an Excellent angler!

That night at the 'Fish House' ~ It was one of those Kings, when we all stop, and take a moment to 'check out the fish'.

Very Nice King Salmon Clarence!

Photo compliments of Mike Gancasz

Mike Gancasz - holding up only one of the Halibut harvested by this group of Anglers.

We suggest our folks harvest Halibut weighing under 100 pounds. This preserves the females with eggs. Females weight in at 125 and higher.

The Halibut Female will lay up to 3 million eggs. With a survival rate of 1%, or 30,000, the baby Halibut will in turn mature & grow.

Photo compliments of Mike Gancasz.
Ron Faria, Clarence Gomes, Rich Galletti, and Mike Gancasz spent 2 days shrimping and fishing on the side. they came in with quite the assortment of seafood each day. (like that Snow Crab, a.k.a. Tanner Crab leg in the bottom left of the picture)

Pictured here is Ron Faria 'group leader with 2 nice spot prawns.

Photo Compliments of Mike Gancasz ~ Thank you Mike! (again)
These 3 folks ~ Kay, her husband Tom, and their friend Ross, choose to 'buy the boat'. This way they can come and go to fish the areas & the waters of their choice.

They have had a very successful fishing vacation which also included a very full day of Crab & Shrimping. ~ i'm always envious, wishing i was able to go too.

Pictured is Kay Seeliger with a nice King Salmon. A bit on the heavy side for her to hold up, but a very nice King Salmon!

These 3 friends are going home in the morning with a beautiful assortment of King Salmon & Coho fillets & steaks, Halibut, Shrimp, Crab, and more!

Now they go home and rest from their vacation! Maybe sleep in? Our thanks to all of you.
"Catch of the Day"

Just Kiddin' Ross .... that was just a hard one for me to resist!

The angler pictured is Ross De Lipkau! Nice work Ross!
Pictured is Ross De Lipkau showing off only one of the many Coho He and his fellow anglers (Kay and Tom Seeliger) harvested. They have done an incredible job, coming back the harbor in the late afternoon tired and pleased.

Photo compliments of Allan Burriesci.

Departing Sealing Cove running out to the morning Salmon Grounds
Pictured is Allen Carter, with the morning sun gleeming off his King (Chinook) Salmon. Off to Allen's right is Bill Crinks ~ all the way from Great Britain.

Photo compliments of c/v Le Affare Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle and Deck hand Ryan Smith.
Shown here is Bill Crinks with a very nice King he chose to harvest.

Bill is fishing with with friends
Rick Raabe
Allen Carter &
Vern King
Pictured is Vern King. Vern along with his 3 good friends ~ Rick, Allen, & Bill have fished with us for more than 5 years now. Folks who begin as our guests become our friends, as these gentlemen have. The fellow in the background is Rick Raabe.

Nice Fish Vern!
Rick has the fish, and he has the look! Good Job Rick!

Friends who joined Rick for 4 full days of fishing are,
Allen Carter
Bill Crinks &
Vern King

These 4 friends have had a great fishing trip coupled with perfect weather this season! They'll be headed home in the morning with plenty of King, Coho, Halibut, Ling Cod & Yellow Eye.
Rick Raabe sporting another Bright Chinook (King) Salmon.

Thank you Rick, Bill, Vern & Allen for visiting us again ~ You have been a pleasure to take fishing!
Ling Cod has re-opened as of August 16th. There's a slot limit in effect on Ling Cod which allows anglers to harvest Ling Cod 30 to 40 inches in length.
Let me begin by saying I had a call this morning ~ from some of Bob Fry's good friends and associates back home. They were looking for his picture on the web site this morning.

Typically I upload the pictures upon a guest's departure. This way there is a wide variety to pick from, because I simply can't add them all, right? But I made a small promise that Bob's picture would be up today for them to see ~ they miss him ~

SO ~ here is Bob Fry, well, actually it's the back of Bob Fry with a fish on, and a little to busy to smile for the camera!

Photo compliments of Allen Burriesci

E-mail: 19 Aug 2004 ~ From the Friends and Associates of Bob Fry, We Just wanted to say thank you sooooo MUCH for posting some of his pictures. We are going to have them hanging up in the company breakroom when he comes in on Monday. We can't thank you enough ....
Roger Ceccato standing guard while 'On The Hook' for Halibut ~

Look at the water. Hard to believe it's the Pacific Ocean isn't it?
8/17/2004: This photo was given to me by Allen after his first day of fishing. His King Salmon is a nice one, not to mention the Coho on board. Their afternoon will be spent fishing for Halibut, Ling Cod, and Yellow Eye.

8/20/2004: Allen and Roger are on the last leg of their 4 day All Inclusive Charter. They have a generous amount of seafood being held in our freezer, not including todays catch.

From L to R ~ Deck hand Chris Ystead, and Allen Burriesci aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson.
Mr. Allen Burriesci ~ a voice like he should be a radio announcer, you know? You know what else? The man can catch fish! A lot of fish ~
Bob Fry ~ with a beautiful King Salmon! Nice work Bob, fun isn't it?

You, Allen Burriesci, & Roger Ceccato were great gentlemen to fish!

Photo compliments of the crew on the c/v Reel Affair, Joel Simonson, and deck hand Chris Ystead.
Roger Cecccato pictured with a very nice sized King Salmon! This King Salmon is not a 'hatchery King'. It is a bright wild Alaskan King Salmon, and made some beautiful fillets to be shared amongst their fishing group.

Our 'fish house' where we address all the fish our guests have harvested, we do the 'finish filleting' and then vacuum seal in packages portioneds for a family of two (2). This resuls in packages ranging between 1 lb up tp 1 3/4 pound.

This party of anglers requested their packages not exceed 1 lb. I believe we fulfilled that request for them.
Ling Cod has Opened, and Bob Fry is living proof that the Ling Cod fishery is alive and well.

Beautiful Ling Cod Bob! Excellent Job!

Photo's of Bob are only from his first day of fishing. Today is Day 2 & I know what his group has in the freezer for finished weight. There is a very good reason that I have taken the time to post all those recipes on our web site. Bob Fry, & Vic Patton may find it pretty handy very soon!

NOTE: To all Bob's associates who phoned me? I would let him know how MUCH he was missed, and tell him what a great guy he is .... See if he will share! (Don't run him out of fish though, just come to Sitka fishing with him next time)

Photo compliments of A. Burriesci
This photo of Ryan and the Octopie was sent to us by Michael Pendleton, who fished with us in early August.

The Octopus are kind of fun, they'll stick to the rain gear, & when pulled free, their little suckers go POP ~ POP ~ POP ~

The angler in the background is Don Hartman who fished August 6th, and 7th, 2004.
Thanks Michael for the fun picture!
John Grove Jr. It's a keeper!

John you have a beautiful fish, some beautiful skies, calm water, good fishin' & good friends and family to share in it all with you.

This Photo features John Grove Sr sporting a very healthy King Salmon.

The Mohler/ Grove/ Lawyer Party were treated to fantastic weather, very calm seas, and a great time on the water.
I know this photo doesn't show the whole fish, but I chose this one for another reason. I chose this picture of John Sr, because of the look on his face. John looks very very content. That is what it's all about, being happy fishin'!
the gentlemen who joined Dick Lawyer in Sitka for our 2004 fishing season were
his son Jim Lawyer,
John Grove Senior
John Grove Junior
Kevin Grove
Randy Hunt
Kurt Mohler &
Hal Sager

Pictured from Left to Right with a nice show of white are Kurt Mohler, Kevin Grove, Hal Sager, and Randy Hunt.
We have Dick Lawyer, our group leader, Randy Hunt, Kurt Mohler, and jim Lawyer.

Take a moment and read into those 'smiles'. You just know, that Captain Jeremy is fussing with the camera, (there were a couple of other very similar shots) & you can only just imagine what they are saying throught those smiles, can't you? .... Maybe 'HURRY UP' ???

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 04:43:51

Dear Octobre,
Thanks for hosting us on our recent fishing trip up your way. We certainly had a great time.
Dick Lawyer
Kevin Grove ~ Beautiful Morning ~ Gorgeous Fish!
Dick Lawyer, Hal Sager, Kurt Mohler, and Jim Lawyer

Photo compliments of Kurt Mohler. Thank you Kurt!

8/20/2004 via E-mail
Dear Octobre, Your 2006 dates (24 - 30 August) sound very good to me. If you would be so kind, please go ahead and sign me up.
Thanks for your fine service.
Cheers, Dick ++++++

Dick, My Pleasure ~ jeremy said he is looking forward to it!
Dick Lawyer, Randy Hunt, Kurt Mohler, and Jim Lawyer, all with a nice show of Halibut.

Photo compliments of Kurt Mohler. Thank you for E-mailing. Glad to see you and your fish arrived home safe and happy.

From Kurt Mohler's camera I was sent this beautiful picture of the Sunrise ~

From e-mail, Hi, here are a few select photos from our trip. Sunrise on the water. "Happy Snappers". John's first King, Ever. & Kevin's 38# King.

Thanks again for a great trip. Kurt.

You are very welcome Kurt, & Thank you for the pictures!
Kurt calls this one "Happy Snappers"

They (Yellow Eye) have ear bones of Ivory, and when Harvested make beautiful earings. They look a lot like little Ivory feathers!

Photo compliments of Kurt Mohler. (Thank you Kurt ~ you know why)
John Grove Junior, caught his very first King Salmon ~ EVER!


Photo compliments of John's good friend Kurt Mohler
Kevin Grove with a 38 pound King! To the left is John Grove Sr, and to the far right; Captain Tim Twaddle.

Photo Compliments of Kurt Mohler
Our guests typically fish the ground species in the afternoon, after a full morning of fishing Salmon for their King's, & Coho's.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Grove, Kurt Mohler, John Grove Sr. and John Grove Jr.

Very Nice Angling Gentlemen!

Photo is compliments of the crew of the c/v Le Affare Di Reel with Captain Timothy Twaddle, and 2nd mate Ryan Smith.
Photo compliments of the crew aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine'

Captain Jeremy Twadde, and deck hand Roman Sorokin
Darcy Ellis (dad is Jerry) with a nice King (Chinook) Salmon.
Ok, I admit it - I'm pretty good with names, but I just can't put all the names and faces together ~ I am not to happy with myself when that happens.

So now, I'm just going to have to humiliate myself.

All these gentlemen in the following photos caught some really nice fish, and it really was such a good group of anglers with one young lady: Darcy Ellis and of course the 15 gentlemen who accompanied her.
The members of the Jerry Ellis Fishing party are;

Jerry Ellis
Gabe Knapton
Robert Knapton
Don Waller
Brett Ellis
Darcy Ellis
Kyle Ellis
Melvin (Max) Ellis
Thomas Ellis
Tony Kapushion
Jeff Knapton
Stan Knapton
Bill McFarland
Mike Schenbeck
Mitch Knapton &
Mark Rochlitz

Thank you to everyone, I apologize to each and every one of you for my not being able to give each of you the direct 'named' recognition you all deserve. (But feel free to e-mail me and give me a helping hand here ....) until next time, and Thank you! ~
Memory don't fail me now - Melvin Ellis a.k.a. (Max) I remember checking with him on the knee pads, & asking him if they really were a good idea? I thought they might be. Bringing in fish & using your legs against the boat gunnels. He said bringing them was worth it!
Darcy Ellis! (i am soooo proud I know her name!)

Our sincere thanks to Jerry Ellis, her dad, for pulling together all his 'Angler Friends' ~ it's easier said than done. Thank you for everything Jerry!
Breck came aboard on August 10th, sharing the c/v Reel Affair with Rick and Darrin Coffin.
Jerry Johnson, a member of the Richardson Party, showing off one of his many Coho (Silver) Salmon. All 11 members in this fishing party choose to 'pool' their collective catch for an 11-way split of their catch. This means each angler went home with with his share of the other 10 anglers 'catch'.

To Jerry, Monica and I want to send thanks for our gifts - they'll be well used - thanks again!
Pictured is Doug and Donnie Richardson on their departure. This 11 man fishing group went home with two boxes each, along with 2 additional boxes for them to split amongst themselved back home. Because they live so close to each other, this will save each individual from paying excess baggage fees to the airlines.

Departure is a well organized event, with your frozen and boxed seafood arriving to our airport, prior to your arrival. Your boxes of frozen seafood has been placed on carts for an easy 'check-in'.

Our processors stay with you assisting you in loading your fish up to the check-in counter, not leaving until everyone in your group has been helped through.
Donnie Richardson, group leader
The way we met Donnie is he had come fishing with us several years ago, under the group name of 'Carl Rollins' Party of 4. Donnie ventured out creating his own fishing party.

Donnie's first year as a group leader there were 8 anglers, then 12, then 16, then 24, and this year 11.

Many of the men who are associated with Donnie have fished with him in his party each year. Some fish every other year, but each year there are gentlemen who have not fished with us in the past.

The anglers in Donnie's Party are;
Rich Clarine
Joey Cuadros (group pool winner)
Kevin Duggan
Rob Duggan
Frank O. Fadelli
Darren Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Rob Pesmark
Doug Richardson
Wesley Richardson

Thank you gentlemen for everything. You are a pleasure to fish!
Gorgeous show of white gentlemen!
Rick and Darren Coffin. Father and Son teamed up in Sitka prepared for 3 full days of fishing.

Day 1: Good Fishing
Day 2: 'Banner Day' of fishing for all our guests on all boats.
Day 3: Not quite the fishing Day 1 was.

As you can see, fishing can and will change daily.

The Coffin men each arrived safely back home with 133 pounds of King (Chinook) Salmon, Coho, Halibut, Rock Fish & Yellow Eye Fillets. An excellent harvest, coupled with perfect weather, only added to their trip.
Congratulations on your success, and our Thanks to you both!
Rick Coffin with a Bright King Salmon -

Rick and Darrin fished aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson, & 2nd mate Chris Ystead, retaining their personal limits of King (Chinook) Salmon daily in addition to Halibut, Silver Salmon, Rock Fish and Yellow Eye.
Darrin Coffin with a Coho (Silver Salmon) of healthy proportions! On arrival Darrin showed me a picture of his two beautiful little girls, I knew that all though he was looking forward to this trip with his dad - his girls were on his mind. Upon departure, he showed me another of his wife with their 2 daughters. Darrin really does have a beautiful family, and again I knew he was looking forward to getting home to the 3 of them ~ With a lot of FISH!
Rick and Darrin Coffin ~ I called to speak with Rick this morning, and he wasn't available for the phone, so I spoke with his wife. She said when I had called she was actually looking over all the recipes on our site! I asked if she had seen the pictures of 'the guys' yet, and directed her towards those! Plus I got her to say she'd e-mail a few of the pictures Rick and Darrin had taken so that I may add those also! Thanks Mary!
'Action Shot'
What we are 'about' is fishing and assisting our guests in harvesting their personal limits. But there is more to it than just that.

Like you, we want what you want. Sucessful days on the water. Good Fishing. Good Catching. Good Times.

We have other goals in mind for our guests. We want you to be able to look back over the entirety of your fishing vacation, from it's beginning to it's end. Morning till Night.

When you leave us, we want you feeling that every aspect of your vacation, was as good as the next. That one thing complimented the other.

We know that for many folks it is simply about the fishing. For us it's aout our people. (We just also happen to be 'about' fishing too ....)
Doug Richardson fished on board the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with fellow anglers Joey Cuadros, and Wesley Richardson.

Incredible weather, tempratures in the lo 70's, clear skies, & especially calm seas! This was one of those 'Bannor Days' for fishing. Not just on this one boat, for all our boats! ~ Everything was biting, and the harvest for all 11 anglers was high! The men were tired, but happy and satisfied. Just the way we like to see them.
Joey Cuadros joined his granddad Wesley Richardon on board c/v Le affaire di Reel. Nice Joey! 'Reel' Nice!

It's good to see you back!
Joey Cuadros, on an excellent start of what promises to be another fun and sucessful fishing trip to Sitka, with his grandpa Wesley Richardson. Joey is growing into a nice young man, and formidable angler in his own right. Sharing some good times with his grandpa.
Back at the Harbor after a full day of fishing is L - R James Meza, Vince Meza Jr., Ron Bethke, & Mike Meza.

There is NO proof in photo's that these guys even caught one single fish - but trust me - they did!
We made Bruce Lawson's aquaintance this year as a member of the Jim Eden Party.

Nice King Bruce ~ This is Bruce's first visit to Sitka. Joining Bruce in Sitka and along side him fishing is his wife Diana Lawson.

Photo compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair
Jim Eden hailing from Chillicothe, MO. is joined by friends & family members.
Joining Jim Eden;
Jim Moore Senior
Jim Moore Junior
Bruce and Diana Lawson
Dee Moore
Josh (Dee's Son)
Michael Schneider
John Steele
Paul Steele &
Vernon Wascher

Pictured is Group Leader Jim Eden who managed to catch this little King Salmon. I heard the story of how gingerly they had removed the hook, held it over the side of the boat, supporting the little guy, until he swam out of their hands. The release was a success!

Jim is on his way home as I write ~ I called Martha to let her know he was safely on his way home. Martha told me that tomorrow 8.9.2004 is their 51st wedding anniversary!

Our sincere congratulations to you both!
Josh Hill, a member of Jim Eden's party harvested this beautiful King Salmon!

Josh fished aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine', with Cptn. Jeremy Twaddle & 2nd Mate Roman Sorokin.
Jimmy Moore Junior, helped add to the groups collective harvest, by bringing in this Halibut ~ Halibut of this class are is the best there is for the dinner table. This is the size Halibut we save for our table. It provides a nice yield, being moist and tender when perpared.
Jim Moore Senior, hailing from Arkansas, and showing one of several Coho this entire group harvested.

The seas were beautiful! This party of anglers went home with 2 boxes of Coho, King, Halibut, & Rock Cod. Not too bad for 3 days of fishin'
From left to Right ~ Friends who joined Jim Eden aboard the c/v Affare De bobine' are Bruce and Diana Larson, Vern Wascher, and Jim Eden, their group leader.
Mike Schneider of the Eden Party sporting A beautiful King Salmon he harvest the last morning of his 3 day Charter.

Mike fished aboard the Le Affaire di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle, and Deck hand Ryan Smith
The scenic sites though the same change constantly.

Photo compliments of the crew aboard the c/v Reel Affair. Captain Joel Simonson, and Deckhand Chris Ystead
Bill is a member and good friend of Ed Magee our 'group leader'.

Gentlemen who joined Ed Magee are;
Merle Cade
Karl Van Holt &
Bill Williams who is pictured here.

Photo compliments of the crew on the c/v Reel Affair
Bill Adams - Fish On!
Sporting a very nice Coho (Silver Salmon) is Karl Van Holt. In the back ground? The camera shy one? Ed Magee!
Look Closley - This was taken at quite some distance so it's distorted.

The rainbow, & how it makes Mt. Edgecumbe look as though it's beginning to come out of it's sleep.

Photo taken 8.2.04 is compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel de la Bobina. Captain Jeremy Twaddle and 2nd Mate Roman Sorokin.
Merle Cade, also a member of the 'Magee Party', showing off a darn nice King Salmon before heading out for their Halibut.

Anglers who are curious about fishing with us are always given a full explaination of how our fishing season works, and the availability of the Salmon species, Halibut, Yellow Eye, Ling cod, & Rock Rish.

We let folks know how beginning mid July, the King Salmon drop off a bit, and the Coho begin coming on, in more and more numbers. Coho then become the predominate Salmon specie as opposed to King Salmon.

It seems there are more than enough Kings out there & Coho. It's been a great season! Plenty of King Salmon, and Silvers (Coho).

Merle is living proof, as are his fellow anglers!
Clyde Harris in his 3rd season with us & next year will be his 4th.

Clyde Fished along side the Pendleton ~ Ambrose party. He also fished with Doug Mc Cormick, a Party of one also. Great Anglers, all of them!
Clyde Harris with one of the many Coho he caught this trip!

Although this is not the time of year King Salmon are predominate, folks are getting their Kings, in addition to a very nice assortment of Coho.

Nice job Clyde!
Don Hartman caught a very nice King Salmon. He also harvested a few other nice fish this year ~ his 3rd with us.

Don typically fishes 2 days, and travels from Ohio. He's a great guy. The best way to describe him is 'low maintainance'.

From E-mail 8.12.2004
Tim and Octobre,
Thank you sooooooo much for the "extras" I discovered when I arrived home. You are such good people. I'll never use another charter service when I come to Alaska! Even if the fishing is slow, the company is great. Tim and Ryan ... thanks for everything. It's fun fishing with you!
Octobre, book me for the dates we discussed next year. I think it was the first Fri., Sat., and Sun. in August.

Again, thanks for everything. Don Hartman
While I am posting Don's picture, I know that he is somewhere over the USA, flying home.

Ok, today is Saturday, he'll have Sunday off (good), & back at it on Monday!

See you next year!
We seemed to have been blessed this week with so many great folks ~ mostly all have been with us in the past.

We have Doug McCormick, the Jim Eden Party, Bethke's - New to us, Towers Party, Ambrose, Pendleton, Harris and Hartman.

This is what it is all about ~ my people ~ it's all about my people.
Doug McCormick, with another Coho
From L to R and sporting a few very nice Kings are

Pratap (Pat) Chand
Urban Stroy
Bill Lytle &
Jerry Pasek

These gentlemen have fished 3 days, & have collectivley harvested a nice amount of seafood in our freezers.

I'm thinking they'll be pretty happy at the airport in the morning!
Bill Lytle sporting his chosen king before they all head out to the Halibut grounds.
c/v Reel Affair;
Skipper Joel Simonson, & 2nd Mate Chris Ystead
Michael Pendleton hails from the Seal Beach area in California.

OK, now, this morning after Monica and I returned home from taking our folks to their boats this morning - I checked E-mail and waiting for me are two pictures which Mike had E-mailed me the night before, right after his first day of fishing -
Mike is sharing the boat with;
Len Ambrose
Doug McCormick &
Clyde Harris

Photo Compliments of Mike Pendleton -
Thanks Mike! Our best to Patti!

p.s. & Tucker

Mike Pendleton will be going home with 165 pounds of Seafood, vacuum sealed in 4 mil bags, which has been frozen to -25 degrees. All his packages are individually label, and his 'catch' was boxed, banded, delivered to our airport, & waiting for him on carts.

Thanks to Matt Smith, and Garth Aasen ~ our 'fish guys' who assist folks like Michael thoughout the entire check-in process, making check-in as effortless and as carefree as possible.
Len Ambrose ~ A Happy Man ~ as we say, our guests turn into our friends - Everyone loves Lennie, throughout his stay I hear from my crew - things like "Tobre, you know that guy on Tim's boat? (they give Lennie's description) He's a nice guy isn't he? You know what he did ...."

The vote is in Lennie - you are a good man ~
Nice one Michael!

Mike, let's see if you remember ~ About two years ago, I picked you up at the Sealing Cove on your last day fishing ~ (you met Len Ambrose then)

On our way over the bridge I heard 'IT' ... "I don't wanna go home I just want to keep fishin"

Photo Compliments of Mike Pendleton 8.4.04
Look Patti Look!

Mike harvested this Halibut, what a beauty! Excellent eating!
Nice Yellow-Eye Michael!

* Beatings will continue until moral improves .... I will begin nagging the Captains and Deckhand's to save the heads of the Yellow Eye, so my 'fish guys' can present the ladies, and/or the men with wives and girlfriends, or mom's with beautiful ivory earbones to be made into earings ...

(gosh i hate to nag ~ but it will make a very nice lady somewhere very happy!) It would make me happy!
Ahhh ~ The inimitable Len Ambrose a.k.a. 'Candy Man'. (Len's T-Shirt say's so)

E-mail 8.8.04 from Lennie ~

Dear Tim and Octobre, Another great fishing trip, there were four of us fishing Aug 2 through 6 for 5 full days of fishing. In all, the catch was 116 fish, King, Coho, Halibut & Yellow Eye). We did not get our limits everyday. I am glad we did not, I still came home with 210 lbs of fillets.

The weather was flat calm, I come up twice a year, & can't get enough, this is my 15th trip with Reel Affair Charters, and it's not my last. I have my booking dates for the next few years with Tim and deck hand Ryan, you can't get a better guy. I have fished with other Charters, they were ok, but Reel Affair Charters are not just good, they are the best.

Tim and Octobre thank you again for a great trip, looking forward to my trip next year. Have a great year.
Len Ambrose

Note; The 6 anglers who fished along side Lennie Ambrose on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th, are Mike Pendleton, Clyde Harris, & Doug Mc Cormick, with Sandra and Leon on the 2nd who joined us from Sitka Charter Brokers.

Though it seems there were more than 4 anglers aboard at any given time or possibly 5, there were only 4 guest's at any one time. "Breaks" in their chosen charter package allowed this to 'work'.

Len Amrose with a 'Shaker'. thanks for the nice compliment Len!
Picture Left to Right, Len Ambrose & Michael Pendleton.

These two gentlemen met several years ago, both chartering with us individually yet sharing the same boat.

Mike and Len have since kept in touch, this year combining efforts, the two gentlemen making up one group, meeting in Sitka, fishing together.

Mike Pendleton, is in his 5th season. Len his 19th. Both men are sharing the boat with fellow anglers, Clyde Harris, in his 4th year & Doug McCormick's 3rd.

Comroderie and some good friendships are built.

Photo compliments of Michael Pendleton via E-mail. 8.4.04

When Clyde and Dougs trips are complete I'll have photo's of them. Pictures are typically posted upon completion of an angler or a group charter.

(Unless in Mike's case, a person brings the lap top with them and e-mails the pictures almost daily)!

Nice! See you boys next year! Thank you for everything!
Sandra (pictured) & Leon, joined Mike Pendleton, and Len Ambrose of a full day Charter. They fished a combination trip, which means they all fished their Salmon Species in the morning, and the ground fish later in the day, arriving back to the dock appx. 4:30 pm.

Photo compliments of Mike Pendleton

Fishing was aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel, with Cptn' Tim Twaddle, & 2nd mate Ryan Smith.
The first day out for this group of 3 and 1.
Men in the Ducken Party are Jerry O'Donnell, Mike Navarre, and Pat Ducken. The lone angler is Roy Fitzpatrick, 2nd from the left.

Pictured here is;
Jerry O'Donnell ~ 41 pounder
Roy Fitzpatrick ~ 73 pounder
2nd Mate - Roman Sorokin
Mike Navarre ~ 56 pounder
Pat Ducken ~ 43 pounder

An excellent day of Halibut fishing for all!

All these gentlemen have fished with us 3 to 4 years now!
Pictured here is Jerry O'Donnell, showing a bright King (Chinook) Salmon.

Pat Ducken
Mike Navarre &
Jerry O'Donnell were also on board.
Roy is in his 3rd year with us, who usually fishes with his dad Bob. Bob's wife, Mirna (Gorgeous) is a land lubber like me.

This year sorry to say Bob was unable to fish, but was able to make the trip to Sitka ~ I believe next year we have found a way for Bob to join in with his son for a day of fishing.

Fishin' with your son. There is nothing better than that!
Great youngmen, Mike Chancelor, and Jordan Helm -
Tom Larkin, (The 'Boys') Mike Chancelor & Jordan Helm, fishing along side Tom's good friend Dan Chandler.

Nice Show of 'White' Gentlemen!
Good Sized Yellow Eye for these men.

Pictured here is Mike Chancelor, Jordan Helm, and Dan Chandler aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captn' Joel Simonson deck hand Chris Ystead.
Humans use skill ~ Others use skill and pure instinct.
Memory don't fail me now!

Tom, Carolyn and Jerry arrived in tact back to Sealing Cove after their first fishing day when Jerry reported that our new boat would be named after Carolyn ~ c/v Reel Carolyn Reel ~

Carolyn is an experienced angler. We always give her a bad time, but she is really good at catching her fair share of the fish! She'll give you a run for you money ~
My Mom ~ Tom Mescher with his King! Tom makes our lunches ~ under Ebony's watchfull eye each and every day that Tim and I participate at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach, California in early March.
Jerry Hallford of Coastal Star construction.

Jerry harvested this fine looking King Salmon. Good work!
Carolyn "nice butt" Clites.

Carolyn Clites with her loyal and faithful Deck hand Ryan Smith aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel.

(Women and Kids!)
Tom and the 'Yellow Eye'! She's a beauty! I have one question though ~ Did captain Tim harvest the Yellow Eye ear bones for some ivory earrings for Carolyn? (I'll bet not!)

(I'll fix you up Carolyn!)

Nice picture Tom!
Incredibly Beautiful. Remember you'll be in the middle of our national rain forrest.

The Tongass National Rain Forrest.

Photo Compliments of our resident Scenic Photographer/Deck hand Chris Ystead.

Thank you Chris!
Dylan Theobold, and Scott Frisch after a busy morning aboard the c/v Reel de La Bobine', with Captain Jeremy Twaddle, and Deck hand Roman Sorokin.
From left to Right is Bob Frisch, Bob's Grandson Dylan Theobold, and Bob's son Scott Frisch.

Not pictured is long time friend, and fishing partner Bill Tomlinson.

Dylan with the King Salmon he harvested on this morning!

Meet the Miller - Stockton Party.

We have here Mike and Carolyn Stockton, Pat and Tom Miller.

Some very important points to make here ~ I (Octobre) had made the classic mistake upon their arrival into Sitka. I had somehow married Mike to Pat, & Tom married to Carolyn. (?) So, Mike hopped into our van the second morning of fishing, and commented on something to the effect that now he has Halibut, & two wives, and what else is there! He was happy!

Good folks - the 2 girls have been friends since high school if I remember correctly! I had a lot of fun at their expense which they all took in stride - good sports, all of them!
Mike Stockton with a Beautiful King Salmon.

Good Work!
Mike Miller and tom Stockton - Day 2! These 2 gentlemen came home at 1:30 in the afternoon, with a full limit of somw beautiful Halibut! The ladies spent the day site seeing & had their own great time!

Tomorrow? a day of rexation, site seeing, and then off with them for a full day of Crab and Shrimping!
The Pioneer Home is the 1st state run home for Retirees in the State of Alaska. It is an incredible home, with an excellent reputation and 4 levels of care. It's care ranges from apartment syle living for singles or couples, to full care for folks who are in need of more 'round the clock' care.

The Pioneer Home; open to the public, has a gift shop selling items made by the home's residents. The proceeds benefit the residents. This home boasts beautiful gardens year round worthy of all visitors to Sitka.
Pat and Tom Miller, Mike and Carolyn Stockton.

A Picture is worth 1000 words!
Tom Miller with a good sized Yellow Eye!
Women and Kids - Like I say - Women and Kids

it's bigger than she is for pete's sake!
You just know in your heart that Captain Tim has some 'way' about him that makes the nicest of folks do 'things' in front of a camera that they wouldn't want anyone to see, you know?

How DOES he get away with that?
Jerry Hallford with a Halibut of the smaller size. Carolyn, Tom and Jerry are going home with a nice assortment of Halibut, Coho, Yellow Eye, & King Salmon!

Full Freezers!
Ray Gruby with a King of notable size! Not pictured here is Ray's wife Joyce, and Joyce's brother Carlysle Mardian.

(note - Tell Joanna we are thinking of her!) The Gruby Clan fished with Cptn' Mike Boettcher, and deck hand Justin Peterson aboard the c/v Discovery

We had just a wonderful time; thanks for making our stay in Sitka such an enjoyable one. Flight went perfect arriving home on schedule! Fish were frozen solid. We're eating them like crazy and certainly enjoying them! The picture of Ray was so fun to see. I've, of course, circulated it to all our kids and family. You are awesome!


You are SO welcome! Thank you 'Tobre
The Cloud Party ~

Typically we do All Inclusive Packages.

On occasion there is a day we have availability on a vessel of ours that has not been previously scheduled to fish.

We make ourselves readily available. In this instance, Angela Filler owner of S.C.B. had a need, and we were more than ready to acomodate her and her anglers. Angie is the owner of Sitka Charter Brokers & assists folks like the 'Cloud Party' who are searching for a full day or 1/2 day of fishing.
Well to make a long story short, we just didn't seem to get pictures of all the gentlemen in Bruce Dodge's fishing group - nor did we manage to get one of Bruce either! Maybe, just maybe they will e-mail me some? (hint .. hint)

The gentlemen who fished along side Bruce Dodge are ~
Matt Anderson
Bob Comer
Mike Delaney
Gary Evans
Bob Fuderich
Bill George
Gary Johnson
Craig King
Tracy Pancini
Bob Patterson
Joel Peterson
Rob Pinkerton
Brad Poock
Skip Schembari
Gary Seidel
Sam Shawwa
Don Taylor
Herman Vallejo &
Dale Vandellen
Many in the Dodge Party spent full days Crab and Shrimping -

Photo Compliments of Brad Poock, 2nd from the left!
Bob Comer caught this King on his last day out. The three other fellows who fish with Bob got their personal limits of King Salmon also.
Skip Schembari
Joel Peterson, and his 47 pound King Salmon
Herman Vallejo & his contribution of King Salmon for the collective group 'split' of the seafood they jointly harvested.
Brad Poock, a member of the Dodge Fishing Party with a beautiful King (Chinook) Salmon. King's are notably the largest of the salmon species.

Brad E-mail this picture to me on 11/5/2004 ~ Thank you Brad!
Featured is Gary Evans aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel.
Bob Patterson and Brad Poock on a day of Crab and Shrimping.

The Dodge Party 20 fished aboard 5 boats. Each day one designated boat went Crab and Shrimping.
Matt Anderson
Bill George
11/05/2004 via e-mail;
Tim & Octobre,

Thanks for the great time. Here are a few pictures that made my first trip worth it! Thanks again for your hospitality and hope next time the weather cooperates a little better!

All in all, a great time!

Bradley W. Poock
Jan Turner with a beautiful King Salmon in Late July. Jan fished with his son Kevin, and good fishing buddies Wayne Sorsoli and Robert Ash.

May and June - the time in Sitka when the Kings are the predominate Salmon Species. Jan is fishing late July, and still able to hook em'.
Wayne Sorsoli, showing a beautiful King.
Jan Turner ~ 215 lbs.

That isn't Jan's weight.

Photo Compliments of the crew aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel
Kevin Turner showing off a Bright King Salmon! A Nice catch, before going Halibut fishing.
Featuring Robert Ash ~ All the gentlemen in Wayne's fishing party caught several beautiful King, Coho, and Halibut.
This infamous fishing party included none other than Mike Adkin, Lloyd Caudell, Dick Boersig, 'second mate' Chris & Eldon Ernhardt.
Dick Boersig ~ looking a bit intense!
Mr. Dick 'the King' Boersig.

On Dick's departure morning He & I spoke for a bit, and Dick said what a good time he had had. I told him how happy I was about that, and mentioned the how successful their fishing trip was. Dick said "It's not all about the fishing you know - it's the whole thing. This is MY vacation each year. This is how I spend MY vacation! I wish I could stay longer".

It made me feel so good to have such a sweet compliment from such a good man ~ Thank You!
The faces - Look at those faces!
Caudell Party ~ 60lb Halibut. See you next year! Thank you all for everything!

Mike Adkins, Dick Boersig, Eldon Ernhardt, Lloyd Caudell.
Calm and Beautiful Early Morning in Sitka Sound.

Photo Compliments of Chris Ystead our Deak hand aboard the c/v Reel Affair
Del Leisenring, with his specie of choice; Halibut! Some interesting and beneficial trades happened aboard.

read on ....
O.K. -- We all agree that Del looks great sporting this King Salmon. Some of Del's Salmon (King and Coho) was 'gifted' to the Slater-Galloway Family (read on) who was more than willing to accept some of Del's Salmon, in trade for Slater/Galloway's Halibut!

What works for them, works for us!

Good People! We fish Good People!
Dominic Sainato with good friend Paul Klocek. Both gentlemen hail from Illinois. Originally this fishing party was 4 friends, Domonic and Paul, Paul's Brother Adam, and Adam's friend Jerry Kersey.

Adam broke his arm a week or so ago, & neither Adam or Jerry came fishing. It was too bad they missed all the good weather, & some good fishing. They had a terrific time aboard the c/v Discovery
with Mike Boettcher, and Deckhand Chris.

For Adam his emergency couldn't be avoided ~

I know Dominic and Paul will tell Adam and Jerry what their fishing dates are for 2005, & that they are confirmed.

(Take care of the arm Adam!)
Shown fishing is Paul Klocek. Paul and Dominic both went home with a 'healthy' assortment of King Salmon, Silver Salmon, and Halibut!
Featured here is Paula Galloway, with a very nice King Salmon. Myself? I like the raingear - she's lookin' good, and lookin' happy!
Nice King Salmon Paula! Good Work!

E-mail ~ Hi Octobre and Tim,
We made it home ok with the fish even with the 3 hour delay in Seattle. I enjoyed the photos on the web.
Thanks Paula

We had the good fortune of meeting Paula and her husband Stan in Denver at the ISE Sportsman show.

Nice Folks!
Octobre's notes....I post many pictures and sort through even more. On first glance I opted not to add this picture, simply because Paula was looking down, and I wanted a better picture of her.

Then I looked at her husband Stan to the right ~ and the look on his face ~ it said everything and made this photo of Paula the 'picture perfect'.

Stan Slater, along side Stan's deckhand Ryan Smith & Stan's King. Chinook (King) are not the predominate Salmon specie this time of year. Coho a.k.a. Silver Salmon is the predominate Salmon specie. Stan along with our other guests are still getting their King Salmon also!

Paula and Stan's interest seemed to be Salmon, & they just happened to be joined with our guest Del Leisenring, whose target specie was Halibut! So, they made some trades ~ and gifted each other some of their Halibut for some of Del's Salmon!

Worked for Stan, Paula & Del. So it Worked for us!
Paula Galloway & Friends

Larry Constantino displaying an Excellent King.

To give an you an idea of the size of Larry's 'Catch' Larry is 6'2" and 225 lbs.
Larry Constantino enjoys the rewards of being newly retired from teaching school in the Fresno area.

There is a lot to be said for working hard, and reeping those just rewards! He is an excellent angler, & an easy going gentleman man as we have learned over the years!

Larry always fishes as a 'solo' act, which means that he is 'coupled up' with others aboard on his fishing days. Not a time has gone by that everyone who has had the distinct pleasure of fishing along side him, has mentioned to me that his company and skill is enjoyed. (so do we)

Thank you for everything Larry.
Don't be alarmed! The angler has a fish on. This Eagle is zeroing in on his own target.
From left to right are Joel Swartz, Max Dorflinger, Wayne Scheideman, & Jerry Otto.

Good Show Gentlemen!

The 2004 group members are Joel Swartz,
Max Dorflinger, Jerry Otto, Wayne Scheideman. Patrick Sherman, Nilo Urbani, and Hank Wykretowicz.
Nilo Urbani, Hank W., Pat Sherman, and Joel Swartz showing some of their harvest.

Photo compliments of Joel Swarts ~ Thanks again Joel!
Nilo, Hank, Pat and Joel sporting a few Coho!

Thank you for everything, see you next year!
Pictured from L to R are Wayne Scheideman, Jerry Otto, Max Dorflinger, and Deckhand Justin Peterson aboard the c/v Discovery. Their Captain is Mike Boettcher.

Photo compliments of Joel Swartz ~ Group Leader. Thank you Joel!
Joel Swartz sent a CD full of pictures he had taken while fishing in Sitka with us. Of the many pictures he included was this beautiful shot he had taken while out fishing ~

Beautiful and Serene.

Compliments of Joel Swartz aboard the c/v Discovery with Captain Mike Boettcher, and Justin Peterson.

Thank you Joel!
Snoozing ~

Photo compliments of Joel Swartz who was wide awake taking pictures, lots of pictures!

Thanks Joel ~
Just Beautiful

Photo Compliments of Chris Ystead, your Deckhand aboard the c/v Reel Affair.

Thank you Chris!
Left to right ~ Father and Son Mark Messenger Sr. and Mark Messenger Jr. Others in their party are Roscoe Messenger, and Albert Chenoweth

from e-mail; Hi Octobre,
My son Mark Jr. has been bugging me daily as he had the time of his life! He'd rather go fishing with Tim than go to Hawaii or take a cruise!!!

Thanks, Mark Messenger
Mark Senior, Mark Junior, Al Chenoweth, and Roscoe Messenger displaying a small portion of a days catch aboard the c/v Le Affaire di Reel (French)
Mark Junior, Roscoe Messenger, Mark Senior, and good friend Al Chenoweth, with smaller Halibut. Delicious smaller Halibut! They know!
Al Chenoweth ~ good work! You have all been a pleasure!
Mark Messenger Jr. holding his show of Yellow Eye! Nice job Mark!
Mark Messenger Senior - Good Job Dad!
Nice King Salmon!

Corey Burke on the Right, with 2nd Mate Roman Sorokin on the trip back to town from Shrimping.
Nice Halibut! Good Job!
Corey Burke fishing for Halibut!
These are the ladies and gentlemen who work the commercial fisheries all year long supplying your favorite restaurant and seafood market with Salmon, Cod, and Halibut throughout the year!
Katie Stadtler, landed herself a couple of very nice Yelloe Eye while Fishing for Halibut.
Joe and Katie have fished 3 days so far, they're fishing today also and head home tomorrow. Good sized King Salmon Joe!
Pretty nice picture of Marvin and His King! Good Job Marvin! Rumer has it that the boys wanted to 'kick' Lou off the boat? She got the only King on the first day? Is that true?
Shown here is Lou (Louwinna) Bookout, Deckhand Ryan smith, and Lou's husband Marvin - No need to mention "the fish".
Shrimp and Crabing they went ~ hand in hand ~ What did they see in their travels? Whales and some Sitka Black Tail Deer!
Lou and Mavin saw some Sitka Black Tail ....
I know Lou and Marvin had their fill on board. All they wanted when they returned to port was a shower, maybe a power nap, and some desert.
(Ice Cream to be exact!)

message: i miss you both allready! Call me!
Anglers in the C.P. (Charles) Fredon Party, from L to R are Jim Smith, C.W. Ferdon, Richard Batey, anc group leader C.P Ferdon - Beautiful display of King Salmon gentlemen!
Meet Richard Batey ~ He makes some of the best 'on board' marinated Halibut Cheeks I'll ever have -
Richard Ferdon with another choice Chinook (King) Salmon
Les Olson with one of many coho he caught during his charter with us. Les also caught his Kings, limits of Halibut & though smaller he and his wife will absolutly find those to be the best! Day three of his trip with friend Ted Pede, these 2 fellows chose to target the bigger Halibut. It worked! ~ Les came back to the dock with a 100 pounder! Congratulations!

Nice picture!

Photo Compliments of the crew on c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with Cptn' Tim Twaddle, and Deckhand Ryan Smith.
The wildlife Ted and Les saw while out fishing - I got to hear all about it in the van taking them to the Westmark after fishing - the pictures followed!
Ted Pede with a gorgeous Coho / Silver Salmon. Ted was the group leader of this party of 2 We met in Sacramento, at the Sacramento Cal Expo Show.

I'm pretty sure they had a great time, and I know they'll go home with quite a bit of fresh seafood. I hope freezers are ready and waiting.
Les Olson ~ gorgeous Halibut!
Photo Compliments of Chris Ystead, your Deckhand aboard the c/v Reel Affair
How do these young men (our Captains and Deckhands) spend their day off? They go fishing! Imagine fishing everyday all summer long and finally getting 1 day off? What did they do? They went fishin'. Actually they went out to scope out some new 'Halibut Holes'.

To start the day they had a leisurely breakfast at the Westmark Shee Aticka (where we lodge our guests) at 8 o'clock a.m.

Joel and Chris found some new 'Halibut Holes' which produced for them, and when they were done they threw out a line to do some Coho fishing & got those too!

Chris hooked and landed this 67 pound white King Salmon. The King was incredible to look at, and the story?It's just as great!

To put the size of this King in perspective ~ Chris is 5'11" and weighs 230 lbs...

These guys are just relentless about improving their game!

Chris caught this Big King Salmon on our light tackle ~ A Lamiglas G-1310-T Salmon Rod & Penn International 965 reel. Line was 25 pound test Izor Line.

Our deckhand Chris Ystead, with his first white King Salmon - weighing in at 67 pounds!
Our captain and Deckhand are featured here, and their results of scoping out some new Halibut Holes on a day off!

They showed back at the dock about 4:30 pm with a 60 pound Halibut, a 67 pound King, & some Coho.
Sitka is inundated with small islands occupied by homes of local residents. Some islands are as yet unoccupied. Which only add to the 'lure'.

(can you spot the light house in the distance?)

Sea Kayaking among the islands and small bays is wonderful!
Shown Here, Jay and Eileen Ystead with two beautiful King Salmon.

I cropped this photo so you won't see the Coho they have laying at their feet.

Although they caught smaller sized Halibut, they'll be departing Sitka this morning for Astoria with perfect Halibut fillets, King Salmon Fillets, King Salmon Steaks, and Coho Steaks.

Jay and Eileen shared the c/v Reel Affair with Rick and Jennifer Krause.

Note to Eileen and Jay, Thanks to You both for the carving you made for Tim and I of Santa riding the Whale.

Thanks again ~ Tim and Octobre

Jay and Eileen are the proud parents of deckhand Chris Ystead!
Just how did we make the aquaintance of Rick and Jennifer Krause?

Alaskan Reel Affair Charters lodge all of our guests at the Westmark Shee Atica. Late last year the folks from the Westmark Home office in Seattle contacted us about donating a 1 Day Freelance Fishing Trip for their United Way Fund Raiser. Naturally we said Yes!

Rick was the Winner of a drawing the Westmark (Holland America) had for our Freelance Fishing trip.

Jennifer and Rick scheduled to fish one additional day with us and will be taking home King, Coho, & Halibut.

The Krause family fished aboard the c/v Reel Affair with the Ystead Family, Captn' Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris.
Jay Ystead sporting a good looking King Salmon - This couple went home with about 130 pounds of fish for two full days of fishing - they did very well!

via e-mail Re: look at the big fish!
Hi Octobre
I knew we should have stayed one more day. My prayer for fog just didn't cut it. What a great trip for us. We both love the area and hope to come back again. I'm trying to send some pictures and not sure if you'll get them. We don't have very good connections where we live. I was able to print the ones off your web site though! What a great thing that is. I tell everyone to go look - great chance to see what fun their missing. Hope the boys do as well today!

You have a great crew. We enjoyed meeting everyone.

Photo compliments of Eileen and Jay Ystead.
We lead. We don't follow

Except the vessle behind us is one of our own!

Photo Compliments of Chris Ystead, your Deckhand aboard the c/v Reel Affair
Tom Brun Junior with a Hearty King Salmon. The water looks like glass, a light morning fog hangs over the water, and a huge smile! Nice job!
Technique is key! I believe this landed him a 50# King!

Father and Son fished aboard the c/v Discovery - Cptn' Mike Boettcher, and Deckhand Justin Peterson
Day One;

Tom Brun Jr. to the left & Tom Brun Senior to the right. Tom Sr. reeled in this 'Smilie'. Then they went Halibut fishin' ...
Day One Continued ~ the rest if the story ~ appx 250 lbs of story here!
Stay tuned for Day Two ~

Author? Tom Brun Junior.
Day Two - Salmon fishing in the morning...sucessful! Then Halibut fishin' again ~
I heard Tom trying to trade some of his Halibut for some Salmon - so on day three, He and his son just targeted their Salmon. They spent their morning getting their Kings, and some Coho (Silver Salmon) & came back to the dock early!)
Tom Jr. & his 50# King Salmon! Congratulations!

Photo Compliments of Tom Brun Senior
Tom Brun Sr, E-mailed some photo's of his 225 pound Halibut. It's was an incredible trip the two of them had!

Subject: Emailing: Photo's
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 17:35:03

"We came home with 380 pounds of halibut and salmon fillets and filled 3 freezers. enough fish for a lifetime!!"
Tom Brun Senior sent me this photo of the 17 pound Yellow Eye he caught!
This Yellow Eye rendered Tom some beautiful fillets!

Photo compliments of Tom Brun Sr.
Group Leader was Jim Luzzi ~ Other guests in his party are Bob Baldwin, Jon Boureneman, Mark Darsow, Brian Farrugia, Greg Giacomelli, Randy Keller, Randy Lee, John Luzzi, Glendle Reid, Doug Wibbing, and Rocky Wilson

Pictured here is Rock Wilson with a very nice King Salmon
Jim Luzzi - Group Leader - Nice man ~ Nice King Salmon!
Nice Halibut John! Pictured here is Jim Luzzi's son John.

Photo compliments of the crew from c/v Le Affaire di Reel

The 12 gentlemen in the Luzzi Party chose to equally split their fish 12 ways, and fished 4 anglers to a boat. That way everyone shared equally in what everyone caught over their 3 day All Inclusive Charter.

This was also their 5th year fishing with Alaskan Reel Affair Charters.
Glendle Reid also joined the Luzzi Fishing Party to reel in this Halibut weighing in about 130 pounds! Glen is shown here with his deckhand Roman aboard the c/v Reel de Bobine' (Italian: Reel Affair)
Pictured here are Jon Bourneman, Deckhand Chris Ystead, Brian Farrugia, Randy Keller and Mark Darsow. These genmtlemen are showing 3 nice Yellow Eye, and a couple of Halibut!

After fishing your Salmon Specie in the mornings, our guests typically head out for their ground fish.
Size does matter!

Cheryl Houston with her Husband Pat Schimke ; )
Orcas swam up to the boat, right under the boat, and just along side the boat ~ one of them on their side & 'looking' at our guests!
No words needed to describe ~
from L - R Cheryl Houston, Van Barbieri, Mike Francis, & Pat Houston.

Check out the background ~ Ice Cold Beer, Wasabi, & Soy Sauce. In the foreground, Warmed & Melted Butter, the freshest Crab, & some French Bread.

Rough day of Crab and Shrimping.
10 hours dock to dock - it's not all fun and games you know! Sometimes it's really fun, and the game is shrimp!
Featured is Patrick (Pat) Schimke aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel.

Beautiful Day; Nice Fish - hard to beat that!

the guests who Joined Van are Cheryl Houston, Mike Francis, & Patrick Schimke.
Well, I've said it once I'll say it again - Women and Children seem to get the biggest or the first on our boats -

Laying down on the job is Cheryl Houston, Pat Schimke's wife with a Halibut in the 100# class.

A women work is never done!
Good job Mike, a beautiful King Salmon! When you get home Mike, check out the recipe section of our web site, you'll see a bunch of recipes for some great ideas for how you may want to prepare that King!

Pictured here is Mike Francis and King!
Van Barbieri looking pretty happy!
a little rain + a big fish + a big smile = happy fisherman!
Pictured is our guest Dick Rhodes along with Ryan Smith his deckhand, and a very nice Halibut on nice summer day fishin'.

You can't see it here, but Dick has a green thumb!
Kevin Mc Mahon, Dick Rhodes' son in law with a stout looking King Salmon.

This was Kevin's year, last year Dick was accompanied by his daughter Kathy, for 6 Days of fishing with us. Kevin was at home taking care of their lovely little daughter.
Very Nice! What a beautiful day, & good water!
Pictured here is Louis Mundy, and Captain Mike Boetcher aboard the c/v Discovery with a Halibut slightly over 100 pounds.

Gentlemen and close friends of Louis's who joined in this fishing party are Buddy Kellett, John Fort, and Dennis Drake.
John Fort with his Halibut coming in about 130 pounds.

Not the only 'shot' we have of John Fort, but this one gives you an idea of what John looks like - instead of the #130 pounder covering him up!

Nice work John -
Thank you for letting us fish with you and the folk in your party, Captain Mike Boettcher, and your deckhand Justin said you were a great bunch of guys to have aboard!

Buddy? Say Hi to Butch for us!

Others in the fishing party are Louis Mundy, Buddy (Thanks for my 'Kellett' sweat shirt) Kellett, and Dennis Drake
We harbor our Boats at Sealing Cove, This view is exiting the harbor where your boats are ready and waiting each day.
Joyce White with a very nice King! Joyce and her husband Roger both hunt and fish.

Thank You both for the Starbucks coffee!
From Left to Right, Kevin McMahon, & Kevin's father in law Dick Rhodes. Sharing the boat with them is Joyce and Roger White. They all have themselves a nice assortment of King Salmon.

Dick's wife made a beautiful scarf for me, and Kathy (Kevin's wife) picked out the colors for it.

Dick brought us up some home made jams, and 'real' Tomatoes! Delicious! All from their yard!
Nice job Roger!
Sandy Ensley's first King Salmon. Not her first King of the morning, her first King Salmon Ever! Her Husband Doug has graced the cover of Alaskan Reel Affair Charters brochure for quite some time!

Sandy is pictured with deck hand Roman aboard the c/v Reel de Bobine'.

Photo compliments of Captain Jeremy Twaddle
There were two others who joined Andy;
His wife Kay, and friend Howard Varner.

Andy is shown here with a nice sized Yellow Eye ~ A firm fleshed white meat.

Excellent eating! Not shown is the very nice assortment of Halibut the 3 anglers retained, including Salmon. Howard Varner caught the largest King weighing in at just about 40 pounds or so.)
Dick Senior with Deck Hand Roman aboard the Reel De La Bobine' (Reel Affair in Italian) These 2 gentlemen went home with an abundance of fresh Alaskan Seafood for their three days of fishing!

See you next year, take care of yourselves!
Dick Hannula Jr, fishing 3 days with his father Dick Senior. They chose to lodge at a local B&B, which was more like having a really nice apartment all to themselves! We picked them up daily, and sent them off fishing and returned them each evening. I believe Roman even cut them some fresh fillets for their dinner.
Kristy caught the Largest King on the July 1st of all our boats that fished today! Congratulations, and Happy Birthday!
Hey! It's her birthday - I just had to show her one more time! Very Very Nice Fish Kristy!
Chris Ystead deckhand, Philip Zeidner (dad) Kristy Zeidner, and Hiram (local shop owner of the Fur Gallery) with a gorgeous display of fish! They chose to steak some King Salmon, and Fillet their others! Excellent choice I think!

These 3 folks fished one day with us, and were a pleasure to serve. Thank you for calling us!

They make it look so easy ~ holding up all that fish ... & smiling while Captain Joel get's the camera, looks through the view finder, tells them to move in closer ....
The gentlemem in Franks fishing party are Frank Russell who is not pictured, Jacob Trotter, & Ken Rosander.

Pictured here is Jacob Trotter
Photo compliments of Mike Boettcher Captain of the c/v Discovery
Picture is Guest Frank Russell
Mr. Len Ambrose who also enjoys fishing in Mexico, & California visits Sitka once in a while to go fishin'.

Lennie's reply; I saw your Web site, what do you mean ONCE IN A WHILE I FISH IN SITKA? (actually Lennie visits us twice a year.)

Lennie is a very generous man. When he heads home he shares much of his catch with his friends and neighbors who don't have the opportunity to go fishing.

Note to Lennie; Please tell Nellie that Timmie gives her kisses!)
Lennie Harvested this Halibut in the 60 pound class while using 20 pound test mooching for Yellow Eye, and Rock Fish.

That has got to be a KICK, don't you think so?

This halibut made beautiful filets that are perfect for any recipe.

I know for a fact Lennie to be an excellent cook! Nellie says so!
In the Freezer? 95 lbs of Fresh Frozen Halibut, and Salmon and Yellow Eye with 2 days of fishing to go. Len is generous with his catch, and shares it with folks who just don't have the opportunity to fish.

7/2/2004 e-mail from Len;
I had one hell of a time, good fishing and good friends.
Thanks again
Wesley you asked for it, and you got it! Congratulations!

Subject: Fun, fun, fun
Tim and Octobre;
Thought I would drop you a line & express how much we enjoyed our latest visit. We all had a great time though my dad and uncle had a little trouble staying on their feet on the boat. No wonder though since my dad is 89 and my uncle is ... well a little younger; not quite sure how old he is.

Oh yes, for clarity, Wesley is my dad, Leyton is his brother, younger brother that is. Any way thank you both for a great time. My dad was thrilled to be able to go this last time and catching those Salmon was just icing on the cake. You could see it in his face in the pictures. Great pictures by the way!!! I will download them and make prints for them. Ok, I've rambled long enough. Tim, thanks for all your help with the boys. Tell Ryan thanks also for his help with them. He was great! Hope to see you all soon.
;-) Randy, aka Ken

Randy ~ Your more than welcome ~ Remember to call or e-mail us for tickets to the Sacramento show.
These are my Boys... Leyton and Wesley.
They are just too cute for words. They come & visit us in Sacramento at the Cal-Expo Show.

No matter what I do they like me - i dunno why, they just do -

Nice King Leyton!
Meet Randy Youngclaus - ok, The guy has a really great Dad Wesley & Uncle Leyton, a beautiful Daughter and catches some a very nice King Salmon.

Lucky Man!

Nice job Randy - OH YEAH: Thank you for allowing me have some fun at your expense! Your're a good sport.

I hope you enjoyed your time on the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with Tim, Ryan and Len Ambrose.
Wesley Younclaus with his Nephew Randy. We won't mention the King Salmon they happen to be supporting -
Deck hand Ryan Smith with Wesley Youngclaus and Wesley's King Salmon.
One of the nicest men - OTHER than you Lennie! Rick lives in Vegas, and is an incredibly avid fisherman. This year he also went to Crocodile Bay in Costa Rica, and has fished Mexico and San Diego. He's a good guy!

7/1/2004 e-mailed to us from a local business person; ... Also, I met a man this week (I think he was from Vegas) that was here fishing with you! He had a great time and stated he will never fish with anyone else, but your charter. He was very complimentary to your business and I thought I'd pass that on!
Rick Wilson with a very nice halibut, the perfect size for tender moist fillets. Excellent eating! Rick is taking 2 days when his fishing is done, to see the sites in Sitka, and show me his CD of Costa Rica at Crocodile Bay.

Dear Octobre and Tim,
"I wanted to let you know I arrived home safe and sound, fish in good shape. I had a wonderful time in Sitka.
Thank you and all of your staff for making my first charter a resounding success. The three gentlemen I fished with were a fantastic group and I would fish with them any time. Lennie was a great room mate."

Again, Thank you ----- Rick

Your very welcome Rick! Octobre
Larri Sarri with a pretty nice Halibut.

These fellows are fishing our combination trips for King Salmon (a few Coho) and their ground species in the afternoon.
Bob Dawson (middle) Larri Sarri on the Right, Rick Wilson is to Bob Dawson's Left.

Subject: Just a quick thank you.
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 03:51:04

I want to tell you that you and Tim and Ryan made my first charter one of
the most exciting fishing trips I have every had. You three worked so hard
at meeting all our needs. I know there are others behind the scenes who
work their tails off which I never met. My thanks to all of them also. I
do not remember the gal that picked us up a couple of times. Thanks to her
also. Bob Dawson and myself could not stop talking about our trip. Hooking
up with Lenn and Rick made the trip very special also. If and when you get
time could you send my email address to Lenny and Rick. I would like to keep
in touch if they would not mind. Also Ryan if possible. He wanted to get
some info from me on our Mexico trip.

My hat is off to all of you. You have a first class charter and I would
recommend your charter to any one. If someone would like to ask me any
questions I would be very willing to tell them what a great charter you

I look forward to going out again. I just have to talk the wife into it.
She wants to go to Hawaii. Bob Dawson and I have a lot of work to do!!!!!

Again thanks so much. PS: the internet pics are great. Thanks Larry Saari
O.K. Larri, we see it, we see it....another day, another King Salmon!

Makes you wonder what the fellows back at the fire hall are doing, hmmm?
She's a beauty, and untouchable.

The season closed on Ling Cod Midnight June 25th 2004 and will re-open on midnight August 15th, 2004 ...till then you can only look and release.
Nice hat Larry ~ Looks to be a Perfect fit, and Looks pretty darn good on you to ~ it'll be a collectors item you know ~ Worth BIG Bucks

These two gentlemen left Sitka this morning on the 6 O'Clock A.M. flight. (my favorite)

Bob said his lovely wife makes his flights home early because he is usually MORE than ready to go home - you know what I mean?

Don't mis-understandd, Bob & Larry were ready to head for home, but had a great time & a lot of fun (Larry's first time) They were ready to go home, but they were ready for more too! (thinking of next year with the wives)

That is such a compliment for us here at Alaskan Reel Affair. Bob has fished many places in the past.

Note; My good 'fish ferries' (Garth Aasen & Matt Smith) who awoke in the middle of the night and magically saw to thier sucessful departure were there to help unload carry on luggage from the van, and assist them with their check-in's at Alaska Airlines. These fellows went home with 94 pounds of seafood each!

the good fish ferries ~ i'm seeing a picture here - are you?
Just another day in Sitka fishin'.

Bob Dawson looks kind of happy doesn't he? They must have been sort of happy, I got hugs at the airport!

Card of Thanks ~ Well, we made it home and everything is great. Just wanted to thank you again for a GREAT TIME, I'm already working on Larry's wife for next year. You guys run a great program and again I can't thank you enough. Hopefully I'll see you next year.

Thanks again.
Bob Dawson :)


Both Gentlemen went home with 94 pounds of beautiful fillets (Each)
A true gentleman - he opens the door for Monica my van driver - all that and Catches fish too!
Bob sent this really nice shot of himself with two large Yellow Eye - The fillets will be a firm white meat.

When the time comes Bob, check out the recipe page, and hopefully you'll find something there if you need cooking ideas! (and if you have a few good recipes of your own, and want to pass them along, I will put them online for others to try!

Photo compliments of Bob Dawson
Jeri Armstrong harvested the bright beautiful King Salmon on this early foggy morning. Fog, no wind or breeze and very calm waters made for Bright smiles. (made up for all the fog) Thank goodness for the great electronics on board!

Nice work Jeri!
Photo compliments of;
Discovery Captain Mike Boettcher
That's Bart Armsrtong ~ hiding behind those two Yellow Eye! Hard to imagine thats the Pacific Ocean, looks like a Lake.
David Bulger Fishing 2 Days, Holdinh his KIng, and I believe Jeri Armstrongs also!

Hi Octobre and Tim,

I had the pleasure of fishing with your company June 26-27, 2004. You run a great, well organized operation! Captain Mike and Justin were fun to fish with.
Thank you for the great experience!

Best regards, Dave Bulger
Mike Fisher ~ (it works doesn't it?)
& fellow angler & DAD Don Fisher.

Beautiful Kings men - nice job! Other friends on their boat were Bill Rush and Charles Williams.
Another perfect Halibut - fish like these (about 82 lbs) and weighting in under 100 to 125 pounds are great for just 2 reasons.

1.) Quality of the food
2.) Larger than that; she is a breeder laying over 3 million eggs. Releasing her will promote the species, and ensure the longevity of commercial and sporfishing for everyone.
Charles Williams and Bill Rush playing tug of war with this King - These guys had a 'pool'.

The pool, I believe was for the first and the largest ....
Whoa - Flo and Allan chose to finish their fishing vacation with a side trip to go crab and shrimping.

picture this; Sitka Alaska June 25th, 2004.

1 ~ A pot of clear fresh Pacific Ocean salt water brought to a rolling boil on board.
2 ~ Two Perfect Alaskan Dungeness Crab.
3 ~ Butter, gently warmed.
4 ~ Are you seeing this?

Thank you both for inviting me, you have no idea how much I had hoped to be able to join you, but duty was calling. LOUDLY too I might add.
Putting these pictures up for all to view and thinking about what I'll write, one thing in particular stands out to me. Allan told me on an earlier occasion, how much he loves fishing with his wife Flo.

You're a good guy Allan
Thank you Both

P.S. See those couple of shrimp that look like they have fallen from the tote? Not true, they are actually trying to jump in! HONEST!
Allan Sheridan and his wife Flo enjoying the beautiful weather we're all enjoying in Sitka right now! By the looks of that smile, there some good fishing going on too!

Very Nice Job Allan!
Flo Sheridan, Allan's wife is featured in this photo with her 'Catch of the Day' and Ryan Smith, her Deckhand.

(it's the women and kid's theory at work again; either the first or the biggest ~ )
Excellent Yellow Eye fishing Allan!

Folks harvest Yellow Eye when they are fishing for the ground species like Halibut! Yellow Eye is a firm white meat, and make wonderful dinners!
What a great first day on the water Allan and flo had!

It was back to the harbor about 4pm, taking a side trip to a local shop, rest a bit at the Westmark shee Atika, and off for a very nice Sushi Dinner at Little Tokyo!
Flo Sheridan on day 2 of her trip, pictured here with her 2nd mate Ryan Smith aboard c/v Le Affaire Di Reel. A very nice King Salmon! Appx. weight of this fish is in the low 30's class.

Others were caught and released just for fun, but this was her chosen one.
Just to good for words, isn't it? Flo your are the woman! Congratulations!

Photo compliments of Tim Twaddle and Crew
It was a good day for catch and releasing Kings, Allan chose to keep a very very nice one!

The King was much like Flo's, weighing in the low 30's .... Today the Sheridan family chose to steak one, and fillet the other. Good Choices for some delicious dining options.
Pictured here is Marilyn Meyer with her husband Mike. The weather was perfect for heading out and catchin' some fish!

As this family continues on with their vacation they chose to have their fish shipped directly home via Federal Express. Guest Seafood is shipped on their selected shipping date, to a home or a business & is received the next day prior to 10:30 am.

from e-mail; edited - The fish arrived safely and tasty. Mike and Marilyn Meyer

Photo compliments of Captain Mike aboard the c/v Discovery
Mike and Marilyn's son Dan Meyer sporting a healthy King Salmon!
Sharing the boat with the Meyer family is Leon Seifert shown here with Cptn' Mike Boettcher aboard the c/v Discovery.

From the Meyer Family; Tim and Octobre,
Attached please find a couple of pics from the Meyer trip on June 23-24. I have attached the photos of Leon who joined us three on the 2nd day. He ended up catching a 150+ pounder. (A nice fish). I think the boys (Justin and Mike) were low on batteries for their camera, so I said I would send them a picture or two.
I apologise for the delay, these pics were digitized and I have been slacking in getting them to you. The rest of our trip was great as we made it to Prudhoe
Bay on the mainland, although the smoke interfered with some sightseeing on the
way back. (But a good time regardless) Anyhow, thank you and the boys for the
great time and hope the season is going well.

Sincerely, MIKE MEYER
Photo Compliments of Mike Meyer

Hi Octobre!
There is no way I can thank you enough for all the things, large and small, that you, Tim, Jeremy, Roman, Monica and the unseen others did for us. This trip with my son Rob, Daughter Breann, and grandson Dayen made a lifetime of memories for us all. I want to especially pay tribute to Captain Jeremy and Roman, both of whom over and over went above and beyond the call of duty to make our trip sensationally fun and memorable.
I have encountered few businesses in my lifetime that focus so totally on customer delight as you.
See you next year!

Terry Lamb
Sagle, Idaho

Photo compliments of Terry Lamb

Terry You make what we do easy! Thank You!
Breanne Treffry sporting a beautiful smile, & gorgeous King on a perfect day.

Excellent Job!
Rob, Breanne's brother, & Terry's son harvested himself a first class King in the morning hours!

Congratulations Rob!
Dayen, Terry's grand son, and Breanne's son shown here in the waters off Sitka wading ashore. I believe they did some swimming, some hiking, some Halibut catching .... This was a day like no other!

Photo compliments of Terry Lamb
Incredible! I just love this picture! (nice young man too!)

You're famous now Dayen! Watch out for the girls!

Dayen T.

Photo by his Grandpa Terry Lamb.
Dayen with his trusty deck hand Roman haulin' Crab! Dungeness Crab!

All in a day's fishin' for this young man!

Photo Compliments of Terry Lamb
Terry Lamb with his grandson Dayen, and their catch for an afternoon!

Nice work men!

Photo Compliments of Terry Lamb
Breanne, Terry's Daughter lending much moral support while Captain Jeremy Twaddle helps her show of her Halibut!

Just keep supporting my theory ~ Women and Kids! They just alway seem to get the first, or the biggest, but always seem to have the unnamed ability ~ Men who have fished with them know this to be true! (at least on our boats)

Dekhand Roma lending a 'hand' while a very pleased Dayen poses nest to his Yellow Eye!

Compliments of Terry LAmb
L to R; Mr. David Olson, his wife Aggie, Chad Olson and Chip their son's enjoyed some fantastic weather, and some great fishing in Sitka Alaska whilw staying with us.

They fished aboard the Discovery with Captain Mike Boettcher and Justin Peterson their deckhand. Back home they'll all dine on King, a little Coho, Yellow-Eye, a lot of Halibut, and some Fresh Smoked King Salmon! Nice job folks, thany you all for everything...

We love you Aggie!
Chip Olson, with his nice choice of 'smilies' on a beautiful morning ~

Our collective thanks to the Olson family for their gratiousness, and their beautiful mom.
Portrait of the Olson Clan fishing Sitka. From Left to Right ~ Chip Olson, Aggie, David, & Chad Olson.

They fished aboard the c/v Discovery with Captain Mike Boettcher, & 2nd Mate Justin Peterson.

Mike has 12 years experiance in Alaskan waters. It shows!
Chip Olson ~

Photo compliments of Captain Mike Boettcher
Dave Olson (Dad) shown here with Capn' Mike B. showing his morning catch of King Salmon. Gorgeous day, Very nice gentleman and a good sized King!
Husband and Wife, David and Aggie olson, fishing with their two grown sons. Chad and Chip. David holding Aggie's faboulus King which she got to the boat all on her own. This very gracious Woman fished each day, smiling the whole time, and who just had some sutchers removed the day prior to arrival!

I know the men took good care of her, but I do know she was making sure all the men had time to eat their lunches, so Aggie took good care of them also!
Janell Hunt ... Not only a lovely and sweet woman, but a more than capable angler, who landed this healthy King Salmon.

'Card of Thanks'
Just a note to let you know that we know and appreciate great customer service when we see it! You guys got it! Every need was met and exceeded with a smile and 'no problem attitude' Fabulous and thanks from a greatful heart! Let us know if there is anything you need in Spokane ~ if you visit say hello! Hugs
Larry and Janell Hunt

From Tim and Octobre ~ You are both more than welcome! & Thank You!
Pictured here is Janell Hunts Husband Larry, with a nice 'smilie', and a good smile of his own. Thank you for everything Larry, you are a gentleman and a pleasure to fish with.
Just another day in paradise. Nice work Larry!
Janell Hunt has a halibut that is of the smaller size, but this halibut and the others they harvested will be excellent on their dinner table. Halibut like this one is the size us 'locals' choose to keep for their freezers. Perfect!

Janell and husband Larry fish onboard with Captain Tim Twaddle, and Deckhand Ryan Smith.
Members in the Phil Maier party are Phil Maier, Richard Crowe, Robert Rowe, and Forrest Maier.

This Halibut came in just about 60 pounds! Congratulations!

e-mail from Phil Maier ~ We had a great time, the fish were really handled beautifully. The packaging and filleting.

Thanks for the hospitality. Phil Maier
Chuck Leazer displaying his very nice Yellow Eye. Good Job Chuck!
Tom Ruhaak with 2 Yellow Eye. Yellow eye are typically harvested while catching Halibut.
Bill Walter along with associate Mike Palacios, had three good fishing days with us here in Sitka.

Bill retained a beautiful Ling Cod, shown here with Mike Boettcher, Captain.
L to R; Chuck leazer with good friend and fishing partner Tom Ruhaak. Both men each with picture pefect King Salmon, prior to setting anchor and going for some Halibut and Yellow Eye.

Photo compliments of The Discovery Crew, Mike and Justin
It's hard to believe Bill harvested this King Salmon in the middle of a rain forest.

Beautiful King Bill.

Photo Compliments of Tim Twaddle aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel
Mike Palacios sporting a nice King! This fish was a beauty, and will serve Mike's family well when they sit down together for some fresh King Salmon for dinner.

We hope you had a good fishing vacation Mike!
Bill, I can say all this stuff about that really nice Halibut you have there ~ but the picture says it all I think.
Bill and Mike will love this nice healthy Yellow eye. It's yields firm white meat & good eatin'.

Pictured here is Mike Palacios aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel (French for Reel Affair)

Photo compliment of Tim Twaddle
Thank you both, Bill and Mike for fishing with us here at Alaskan Reel Affair Charters.
Look mom!
With some rain fast approaching (Tongass National Rain Forest you know!) It sure didn't seem to darken Linda's smile over her beautiful King Salmon at 6:20 A.M. in the morning!

To give all you folks an idea of their day, when we say that King Salmon are 'wide open' in the months of May and June; these folks harvested their personal limits, & played 'Catch and Release' of 27 additional Kings; before they went for their bottom species.

Now don't get your expectations up, as this was a banner day for being able to catch and release such an abundace of King in just 3 hours and 20 minutes time. Awesome!

received 8/22/04 From: "Joe Gerrans"

Have been talking to folks that have been going to Alaska all summer long for fishing and it makes us realize how lucky we were to have you folks for our trip. We have been colder and rainy for the last couple of weeks and in some areas the leaves are turning but if it warms up they will quit doing that. Have a great fall. Joe & Linda
John fished our 2 day Package, displaying a nice sized Halibut, which they (he and his wife Kate) will most certainly enjoy back home. John was also in on the 27 Kings Caught and released with Linda Gerrans!

Think they will be a bit sore tomorrow?

This couple took a 'Lay Day' on the 12th, to enjoy site seeing, and a drive up to Blue Lake Road, and then out to the Ferry Terminal to see parts of Sitka which are pretty close to un-touched.

Kate Mc GeHee chose to just enjoy her time in Sitka by relaxing, shopping, and doing some site-seeing in her leisure time.
Job well done John!

Very Nice King Salmon!

Linda and Joe Gerrans on the left sharing the boat with co-angler John Mc GeHee.

Just follows my basic theory here, women seem to either catch the first or the biggest. (kids too)

Linda is quite the hardy angler! Linda, her husband Joe, and John all had their chosen Kings in the boat by 8:34 A.M.

George Selected this King the morning of the 9th, and caught and safetly released 13 others! George also reeled in some halibut of average size, which he and Janet will both love back home in North Dakota.

Thank you both!
Bruce Clemenhagen spent the last day of his for day charter Crabing and shrimping with friens Earl Buche, Harvey Buche, Michael Eberhart.
L - R; Scott, Scott, Paul and Doug.

Good show men!
One more perfect King Salmon!

Sitka waters are teaming with King Salmon this time of year. Kings are the largest of the salmon species.
Janet Westphal sporting her gorgeous King the morning of the 8th, along with her deckhand Ryan Smith aboard the c/v Le' Affaire di Reel (french: Reel Affair)

Nice job Janet!
From L-R, Captain Jeremy 'Blaze' Twaddle, Paul Kaminski, Scott Sundin, Scott Machado, and Doug Lawrie.

photo compliments of Roman Sorokin
You can't see that Halibut just yet, but you just know it's there and practically in the boat, right John?
Ron Schmall, (pictured) a good friend of the John Finley Sr. family did his share of angling for three days. The gentlemen fished June 4, relaxed the 5th for site seeing, and fished again the 6th, and 7th.

(OH, scratch the site seeing day, they opted for 1/2 day of additional fishing on the 5th. Ron's wife Judy, came along to simply enjoy Sitka and all it has to offer, joined the men aboard on the 1/2 day site seeing / fishing trip.

A card of Thanks read ~ Dear Octobre and Tim also all the crew Joel, Chris, Matt and of course Monica

We had such a great time on our fishing vacation. Your Island is so beautiful and fresh. The fish tastes delicious! Thank You for taking such good care of us. Ronnie and John plan on coming back next year. All our Best Ronnie and Judy Schmall

P.S. Hope Chris is getting along ok with his hurt finger ~

Thanks Judy and Ron for your lovely card, it will be shared with the crew!
Family members are Richard, Brenda, and their beautiful 10 yrs old daughter Kaycee.

This family of 3 fished on the 4th, and on the 7th Richard fished, while wife and daughter stayed in Sitka siteseeing. The 2 Day charter yielded them 79 pounds of Halibut and Salmon to enjoy back home in Utah.

If I remember correctly Brenda and Kaycee caught the first salmon and the largest salmon their first and only day out with Dad on the c/v Reel Affair with Joel Simonson Captain, and Chris Ystead Deckhand.
Featured here is Delores Nelson, who fished with Captain Mike B. & Deckhand Ryan S. aboard the c/v Discovery.

Delores fished along side her husband Evan, and good friends Joan and Reginald Shepherd.

These 4 good friends, traveling through Alaska, and first time visitors to Sitka enjoyed Fresh King Salmon, that Ryan filled for them right at the boat for enjoyment at their leisure in their motor home, while traveling through Alaska.

The Nelsons and shepherd's will have their share of the 'group catch' delivered to their door upon their arrival home.

Shepherd's requested we send some of their fresh Alaskan King Salmon to two other close family members.

The Nelson party harvested halibut of average size. The Halibut they harvested is of the quality that will make dinners that are far above average!

Our thank's to the Nelson & Shepherds!

End results? These family friends harvested and shared + / - 65 pounds of perfect seafood on a 1 day charer!
Another Happy Camper? I think so. A picture is worth 1000 words...We all agree - this King Salmon is a keeper & Exactly why they are refered to as 'Smilies"
Scott Sundin holding up a 'healthy' Dungenous Crab! The Crab and Shrimping trip was a huge success!
John Finley Senior, with a really nice Yellow-Eye that he has harvested. Yellow-Eye is a firm white meat, that is excellent for eating!

Very nice job John!
John C. Finley Jr. sporting a King Salmon first thing of the morning! Now, if I have the facts correctly, these three men, John Sr., John Jr., and Ron Schmall, went to their fishin' spot, banged their 4 kings, & were 'outta' there, & off to harvest a halibut in the 130 lb class.

That 130 lb Halibut was the largest of their trip, but not the only one of their trip.
John Finley Sr. showing off a beautiful 35 pound King Salmon.

The results from their fishing trip was, Rock Fish, Yellow-Eye, Halibut, King Salmon, Coho, and some Ling Cod!

They'll be enjoying their seafood for quite some time!
Dan Marble Jr, looking pleased with his King in the early morning.

Nice Job Dan!
John Finley Jr. with a beauty!

Looking at the waters off Sitka, it's not easy to think of it as an ocean.

It's Beautiful King Salmon John! Congratulations!
Dan Marble Sr. did a nice job of handling his morning 'catch' of a 35 pound King Salmon!

We all saw the gorgeous fillets Dan will enjoy this fall!
L - R are Scott Machado, Doug Lawrie, Paul Kaminski, and Scott Sundin. This is 'hansome' Halibut came in at 115 lbs, and was not the only one this group of gentlemen harvested from Sitka waters. 2 others were 60 lbs, and the other 5 were a bit smaller. Though smaller they will be the very best eaters!

See you in 2005! We'll be ready!
Doug Lawrie of the infamous Kaminski Party, with a nice size King Salmon.

The Kings harvested in the waters near Sitka, are feeders, and drawn to our area simply due to the abundance of feed. May and June our King Salmon Season is 'wide open'. The meat is firm, and of the quality you will enjoy in the finer restaurants.
Scott Machado in calm waters, bringing in Halibut on a custom made rod by Seeker, with a 2 speed TLD 30 reel.

All our boats are outfitted with top of the line fishing gear for your use.
Butch (Gary) Oakes, One more nice King, on a beautiful day.
Darreld Hunt Holding his 'Smilie' for the morning!
David Hunt, our group Leader, holding a very nice KIng on the morning of June 3rd. David chose to have his King Salmon steaked each day, while the others chose to have theirs filleted. They joined in a 4-way group split of their collective 'catch', each sharing equally in what the others on their boat caught!
Gerry Oaks showing a perfect Ling Cod he caught, which made some very nice sized fillets back at the 'fish house'!
Gerrry Oaks holding just one of the Halibut this group retained on the 3rd. Everyone on board went back to the dock with their personal limits!
Gerry Oakes, with a little diffrent look at that Halibut! The fillets of the smaller halibut, like this one are some of the best eating around! These are the size we keep for our freezer!
Gerry Oaks with the Hunt Party Shows a beautiful King Salmon - Each Gentleman got their personal limits of King salmon each Day.
-- Original message from "David Hunt" --
Thanks for another memorable trip, my Dad will be talking for 11 months about his trip, and when we can go again.

Captain Tim and Second-mate Ryan made our fishing trip a rip roaring success catching Salmon, Cod, Bass, Yellow eye and Halibut.

Great job well done by all from the time we arrived to the time we left Sitka the Reel Affair crew was just spectacular. Thanks again for all the attention!

A special thank you to Octobre for taking such good care of my Dad.
David Hunt

photo compliment of David Hunt
L-R Tim Twaddle, cptn. Butch Oakes, Ryan Smith, Gerry Oakes, Darreld Hunt, and David Hunt - 2004
Photo compliments of David Hunt, Deck hand Ryan Smith with two beautiful Kings harvested by the Hunt party.
David Hunt shared this shot, a great picture of Butch with his King for the morning...
This King made some beautiful fillets!

thanks David!
Darreld Hunt, a huge fan of Dungenous Crab, showing off his King Salmon for the morning!

Photo compliments of David Hunt
The day after 3 gentlemen in the Mc Kenna Party flew home, the 5 remaining men in this group opted for just ONE more day out...

Results? This 121# Halibut was landed by Lon Chevoya, the angler in the blue shirt on the right...

Pictured L-R Blaisdell Kaukani, Pat McKenna, Gary Yatsuoka, Gilroy Yorkman, and Lon Chevoya.

Thank you gentlemen! Hope you had a good time! See you next year!
The other gentlemen who also enjoyed their time Shrimping and Crabing were
Marcco Rizzo, Jeff Loughead, Craig Shannon, and Pat Mc Kenna.
Marcco Rizzo, Jeff Loughhead, Pat Mc Kenna, and Craig Shannon, enjoying the fruits of their labor, sampling a small portion of what they harvested, and took home to enjoy! You were all a pleasure to fish, and we're looking forward to seeing all 8 of you next year!
With 2 Days of a 4 Day Fishing Charter complete, half of their party Headed out for a full day of Crab & Shrimping.

All 8 men Harvesting and sharing an assortment of White King Salmon, Red King Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Yellow-Eye, Rock Cod, Shrimp and Crab to take home to their families.

Shown L-R; Lon Chevoya, Gary yatsuoka, Gilroy Yorkman, & Blaisdell Kaukani.
Kayo, holding a Halibut in the 50 pound class. It is just perfect for being served up for dinner. The meat is moist, and tender, and will just 'melt in your mouth!
Mr Gilroy Yorkman, with the first King Salmon of his 4 Day 5 Night All Inclusive Package.
Gary Yatsuoka, displaying his King Salmon (Chinook) on the first morning of his Charter in Sitka, Alaska. Very nice King Salmon Gary! Good Job!
Lon Chevoya, Holding his First King, aboard the 'Le' Affaire di Reel', with captain Tim Twaddle, and returning deckhand Ryan Smith.
Blaisdell Kaukani, sowing his King for the day. These four guests; Gilroy, Gary, Lon, and Kayo (Blaisdell) all caught these 4 Beautiful Kings within 1 hour and 7 minutes, now it's off for the ground species, for these gentlemen.
Reel de Bobine? (Reel Affair in Italian)

Captain Jeremy Twaddle and his deck hand Roman, (shown here) went fishing to check out the gear, the boat, and scope out the fishing grounds ~ a great day on all counts, for gear, fishing conditions, and weather!
Captain Mike Boettcher aboard the Discovery, enjoying a little bit of personal time.
Captain Joel Simonson with Tad Curric aboard the C/V Reel Affair, with a beautiful smilie a.k.a. King Salmon!
Tad Curric, Craig Jones, and Captain Mike Boettcher aboard the Reel Affair, with a nice show of Halibut!

Re; Octobre ,
Yes ! The rest of the trip was nice, but you made the difference. We will see you the next time we go to Alaska, but I think I'll stay in Sitka a bit longer than this last trip. Tell Joel that I will get that fillet knife to him as soon as possible. Just wanted to thank you ALL for a great fishing trip. Tad and I really were impressed with the crew as well as everyone being so accomodating. Again thanks,

Craig Jones.

Thank you Craig! ~ Octobre
L-R, Joel Simonson ~ captain
Craig Jones ~ Our Guest
Mike Boettcher ~ captain
Not Shown is Tad Curric, who was kind enough to share all these photo's with us.

Craig and Tad; will be enjoying 69 pounds of Steaks/Fillets upon their arrival home. Craig and Tad caught their personal limits of King, 3 really nice sized Halibut, Ling Cod, some Yellow Eye, and a few Rock Fish, which will be enjoyed for quite some time!

A very sucessful 1 day charter. It was a pleasure fishing you gentlemen!
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