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From Left to Right

Justin Peterson.
Our Deck-hand aboard the c/v Discovery. Justin came to us by strong recommendation from close friend, Mr. Bruce Hanson of St. Helens, Oregon.
Thank You Justin.

Joel Simonson.
Joel began with us 6 years ago, starting as a Deck-hand for Tim Twaddle aboard the c/v Reel Affair. After 3 years experience on the water being 2nd Mate, he earned his Captains License. Joel has presently completed his 3rd year as Captain aboard the c/v Reel Affair.
Thank You Joel.

Monica Strange.
We met Monica while participating at the 2004 O'Laughlin Sportsman Show in Portland, Oregon. After crossing paths with Monica on several occassions at that event, we approached her about the possibility of working in Sitka, on land with me (Octobre) for the summer charter season.
Thank You Monica.
From Left to Right:

Ryan Smith
This is Ryan's second year as our Deck-hand aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel. Ryan hails from Sacramento, and is a Truck Driver during the winter months in California.
Thank You Ryan.

Matt Smith
Yes ~ There is a strong family resemblence here. Matt is Ryan's younger brother. Matt being Ryan's brother is how we made Matt's aquaintance. Matt worked the majority of the season in our 'fish house'. You also saw Matt on the docks, & assisting with our Guest's departures.
Thank You Matt.
Jeremy Twaddle
Jeremy Twaddle; Captain of the c/v Reel De La Bobine. Jeremy began his 'career' on the water much MUCH earlier (a long story) His sucess in the charter industry began as Deck-hand for Tim Twaddle back in 1993. Jeremy then earned his Captain's Lisence, and has been a Captain for us longer than I can remember.
Thank You Jeremy.
Hector Hertado
Our Head Fish Filleter, has been with us since our first day of fish processing, 2 locations, and 7 years ago. He does a beautiful job, and his level of excellence is just that. Excellent!
Thank You Hector.

Roman Sorokin
Roman has just finished his 6th season as Deck-hand aboard the c/v Reel De La Bobine for Captain Jeremy Twaddle. These two men have worked hand in hand every day of each summer for the last 6 years. Roman as many of you well know is a 'Keeper'.
Thank You Roman.
Mike Boettcher
Mike Boettcher is our Captain of the c/v Discovery. Mike came to us highly recommed from an associate in another location. Mike brought 14 years Charter fishing experience with him to Sitka. Mike's Deck-hand is Justin Peterson.
Thank You Mike

This is Garth Aasen's first year with us. Garth came to us fresh off the Alaska Marine Highway from South Dakota. Garth worked making fish pick-up's from our boats, including filleting, packaging, guest departures & many other capacities surrounding the 'fish house'.
Thank You Garth.
Josh Morris worked with us this year in the fish house packaging fish, and in the freezer @ -25 degrees. ~Brrrrr~
Josh didn't work every day, but was there every day he was needed. Josh worked full time for commercial fisherman Tom and Jeta Budd.
Thank you Josh.

Chris Ystead
Our Deck-hand aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson & Chris's first year with us. Chris was responsible for harvesting 'The' 67 pound White King Salmon this summer, & also the individual who took the majority of the scenic shots I used throughout our '2004 Guest Photo's'
Thank You Chris.
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