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L to R

Vernon Durkee
Shirley Bradley
David Bradley
Denny Brausen

(& Limits on Kings)

These two parties came together to fish on the 10th.
with our 2005 season complete, the boats have been 'put to bed'.

Thank You for joining us and helping make our season fun and sucessful!

Again, Thank You from The Crew of Alaskan Reel Affair Charters and Tim & Octobre Twaddle.
12/21/2005 ~

I received these pictures from Tony Morgan today, which was great because for some reason I didn't have any of Tony, Andrew or Pat! Thank you!

What can I say? Funny FUNNY men!

Pictured is Sam Davidson, with the Morgan Clan;
Pat Morgan ~ Dad
Andrew Morgan ~
Anthony Morgan ~

Thanks for the Picture Anthony!

Tim and October,
Thank you for the gift in the mail. I never should have told so many
people that I was going fishing in Alaska! I've got friend's coming out the wazoo! Still have a lot of fish left, and enjoying every bite out of it.

I enjoyed the trip immensely, and have repeated the 'Willie Mays' story a
hundred times. ( my favorite one ) I'm sending you some pictures hoping the
reason we are not on the web sight is the camera was broke at the time we
were there.

Anyway, I've got alot of people that would love to fish. Take care, and thank you for a great trip!

Thanks Again Tony!
Castle Hill is the exact location where the United States of America purchased Alaska from Russia. We celebrate 'Alaska Day' on October 18th, with week long festivities, and a parade! Lot of fun!

Thanks Anthony! Very Much ~

& yes .... I'm just a little bit 'cooler' now that winter is here ...
Pat Morgan ~ Dad

Photo compliments of Anthony Morgan
Margo Pietras Leo ~ She's probably wondering if she'll have any fun ... Or if she'll catch any fish...
Family members are

Tom Pietras
Steven Pietras
Brian & Margo Pietras Leo

Nice ~ Very Nice
3 Sizable Halibut, ! King Salmon and a Yellow Eye ~ not shown? Coho...
Margo Leo hauled in this Halibut! Nice work!

The Pietras Family fished with Captain Gary Downey and Deckhand Roman Sorokin.
190 pound 'butt' one day ~
160 pound 'butt' another day
King Salmon
Yellow Eye

An incredible way to end the season ~ Thank you folks!
Steve Pietras Harvested this HUGE Yellow Eye!
Limits on Prawns are 10 Pounds of 'Tails' Per Person Per day.

Melt the Butter!
John Corrao
Ahmad Housmand
Royal Manaka
Stan Fein
Left to Right

John Corrao
Ahmad Housmand
Stan Fein
Royal Manaka

'gone shrimpin'

'The Infamous Family Portrait'

'brother' John Corrao
'brother' Ahmad Housmand
'brother' Stan Fein &
'brother' Royal Manaka

Remembering James Abernathy who harvested this 'Respectable' King Salmon in 2004!

His son James Abernathy Junior fished with us this year (2005) taking his dads spot on the boat. We will miss his dad ~ James Abernathy Senior who passed on unexpectedly while visiting his brother.

He'll be missed.
James Abernathy Jr.

Nice Fish James!
Left to Right

Ray Moss
Rev. Joel Rucker
James Abernathy Junior
Albert Tillman - Group Leader

Beautiful Yellow Eye Gentlemen!

Roman Sorokin ~ Deckhand to 4 gentlemen in the Tillman party is photographed filleting their Halibut.

Halibut are bled immediatley and after a few guest photos are taken it is cut into 4 fletches and put on ice.

The fletches are cut into portioned fillets at our 'fish house' by our skilled filleters, where it is the vacuum sealed, labeled, and flash frozen to -25 degrees.

Their captain was Capt'n Gary Downey aboard the c/v Discovery.
Albert Tillman harvested this very nice Halibut in beautiful weather and calm seas.
Albert tillman showing the King Salmon he harvested.

They fished their Salmon in the morning hours, then fishing for the ground species during the noon hours.

They all returned back to the dock between 4 and 4:30pm, for a ride to the Westmark, a hot shower, & dinner on us at 1 of 6 dinner houses they have to choose from.
Ray Moss
Rev. Joel Rucker
Albert Tillman
James Abernathy Jr.

Silver Salmon (Coho) is a smaller Salmon in the Salmon Family ~ King Salmon have a higher fat content and are a bit richer in flavor. Both being excellent for eating!
Left to Right

John Glimmerveen
Jerry Meyer
Bill Pillsbury
Clark Pillsbury
John Glimmerveen

These 4 gentlemen were picked up each and every morning morning. They left our harbor 'Sealing Cove' no later than 6:O'Clock A.M.

It looks as though it's about 7 A.M. the bait is ready and the gear is in the water!


Thank You folks!
Clark Pillsbury

Very Nice Ling Cod!
Fish and Chips!
Gerry Meyer
Fish are always here.

King Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, and Yellow eye.

What determines our season is the weather and water conditions. We begin fihing Mid~May and continue every day up until Mid September.

How do you choose when to fish with us? It is the Salmon species which will help you pick the right time for you! King Salmon is in abundance May thry June. Coho are in abundance Mid July thru September.

Early July is a nice mixed bag ~ a cross over between King Salmon and Coho.

Halilbut, Yellow Eye & Rock Fish are here all the time.

Ling Cod has historically closed June 15th ~ reopening August 16th, with a slot limit of 30 to 40 inches.
Chris Park ~

Good Job! & Thank you for all your help Chris!
Pictured is Keasuk Han Park with his Grandson chris

(nice fish)
Left to Right;

Wan Byung Park
Chris's Dad
Chris Park
& Keasuk Han Park

See you next year folks! & Thank You for Everything!
Roy Agnew Jr.
Robert Betts
David Braswell
James Hopkins

Did I mention we provide rain gear?

Thank You Gentlemen!
Nice King ~ better weather too!
Jose Silva Jr.
Jill Furman
Left to Right;

Clarence Gomes ~ Group Leader
Jill Furman
Jose silva Jr.
Michael Gancasz
Nice Show of Halibut! (there is a Yellow Eye ther too!)

Pictured is Michael Gancasz
Jose Silva Jr.
Jose Silva Sr.
Clarence Gomes
Jose Silva Sr.
Susan Fain ~ I know what she doin'! She's kissin' her fish for luck!

(it does work you know!)
Robert and Susan Fain ~ A Picture is worth a thousand words...

Thank you folks!

Robert and Susan fished along side Jack Bohan and Eldon Marquardt on c/v Le Affare Di Reel with Capt'n Tim Twaddle and Deckhand Tim Baxter.

Poor Susan ~ Some times she felt so Queazy but what a trooper she was ~
Fishermen were:

Eldon Maequardt
& Jack Bohan

(not pictured is Eldon Marquardt)
Terry and his friend took this 'power trip in just two days.

Fast furious and sucessfull - so fast i never got this gentlemans name...
Terry harvested hiself a beauty too!

It looks as though everyone got into some very nice halibut ~ all in the 50 to 85 pound class!

Dick Rhodes had his,
Rich peterson
Terry and his friend too!

a boat load of happy guys!
The Look of Satisfaction ...
Pictured are

Steven Friesen
David Auten
Tsui Wen Auten
Roger Friesen

(nice show of King Salmon folks!)
Left to Right:
Dave Auten & his Wife Tsui Wen

Nice Catch Tsui Wen!
Steve Friesen
Roger Freisen with his personal King Salmon limit. This does not include his Coho, Halibut, Rock Fish, or Yellow-eye.

Coho and Kings are typically fished in the A.M. Folks then fish the gound species during the noon hours.
Tsui Wen
Ling Cod is Open. Nice Catch Roger!
Many folks ask ~ We do not shoot any Halibut prior to bringing them aboard.

1.) It is a safety Issue

2.) If the Halibut is a record it will not be recognized if it is shot.

We use a shark hook tied to a line. It is then secured it to a kleet on the boat. A tail sling is then used to secure the tail, bow the fish and tie it to another kleet on the boat. The gills are cut, and the fish is bled overboard, which allows for a very clean and white meat. The fillets are then put on ice.
Future Deckhand

Trevor Martin with his Captain Gary Downwy aboard the c/v Discovery.

His mom and dad are Jessica and Nathan Martin.
A very good day Crab and Shrimping!

Left to Right;

Wayne Jenson
'Nea' Jenson
Matt Holm
Jeremy Holm
Remember ~ Kids Don't Float ~

Issac Martin

Mom and Dad are Jessica & Nathan Martin
Cany harvested this very nice Coho ~ I had to look closly; Smaller King vs. Large Coho?

It's a large Coho!
Picture here is Jeff Holm.

Looks as tho they got into a school of some bigger sized Coho!

Silver (Coho) Salmon have one heck of an appetite. Coho will grow (on average) 1/2 pound a week while feeding in the Sitka area. Limits are 6 per person per day with no annual bag limit...
Matt Holm
'Nea' Jenson
Wayne Jenson
Nathan Martin
Candy Holm
Matt Holm
Matt and Jeremy Holm
Nea Holm Jensen landed this very nice Chinook Salmon. (King Salmon).

Kings' are the largest salmon in the salmon family.
Left to Right
Wayne Jenson and Tim Baxter: Deckhand.

Wayne harvested his halibut, which weighed in at 109 pounds. He and other members of his family were aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with Capt'n Tim Twaddle and Deckhand Tim Baxter.

Nice Wayne - Very Nice!
Left to Right;
Nathan Martin
Candy Holm
Trevor Martin ~ future deckhand of A.R.A.C.
Jessica Martin
Thier Son; Issac
& Jeff Holm ..........

Oh! and a bunch of Jumbo Spot Prawns. Limits on Spot Prwans are 10 Pounds of Tails per person per day OR 2 gallons.
Jessica Holm Martin with two beautiful Coho

Rich fished along side David and Darreld Hunt. Rich's wife Francis joined him as a Non-Fishing Partner.

While Rich was enjoying the fishing, Fransis enjoyed the local sights and history while doing so shopping. We lodge our guests at sitk's Westmark Hotel, Sitka's premier lodging located in the heart of Sitka. It's location afforded Francis to come and go as she pleased with out the need of a taxi or rental car.
Left to Right;

David Hunt
Rich Peterson
David and Darreld Hunt ~

They fished a 3 Day Package, harvesting this very nice KIng Salmon.

Photo compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair with Capt'n Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.
Photo of Darreld Hunt, taking a breather while his Deckhand Chris Ystead helps him show off the nice halibut he harvested!

Congratulations Darreld!
From Left to Right is Darreld Hunt, his son David Hunt and fellow angler Richard Peterson.
David Hunt ~

Thank you very much Gentlemen!
Dick Rhodes ~ In years past Dick has been a lone angler. He fished along side his daughter Kathleen, & another time fished along side his son in law Kevin Mc Mahon.

This year he again arrived to sitka by himself, where we teamed him up with the Mosier family.
Nice Halibut you landed there Dick!

Dick also shared the boat on this day with Rich Peterson and Terry Thomas.
Bill Mosier
David Modier
Michael Mosier

3 Generations
Very Nice Chinook Gentlemen! (King Salmon)
Ling Cod ~ lacking any social skills what so ever ~ are highly Aggressive and Territorial. They don't "play well with others" & will eat their own!

Ling Cod: Historically Ling Cod has closed the morning of June 15th and has re-opened August 16th. Limits are pne per person per day with a slot limit of 30 to 40 inches.
Pictured is John Betlach. He harvested this very respectable sized Yellow Eye!

Gentlemen Who fihed with John are;
Scott Betlach
Jeffrey Betlach
Alex (Butch) Aszalay
Left to Right is Butch and John ~ I'm not to sure which one of them harvested this 'Big One' but they sure look happy!

their Capt'n was Gary Downey and Deckhand Roman Sorokin

Gary will be returning to Captain with us again in 2006!
No naration needed here! The smiles say it all!
Scott Betlach harvested himself a nice King!
After you finish looking at that nice King Salmon that Scott landed, check out the calm seas ... Yes, it was a bit foggy, but all boats are equipted with radar for safe navigation.
Jeff Betlach, showing one of the many silvers he and the others in his party landed! They also had some of their silvers Smoked ~ Yum!
As you head out of Sealing Cove with your Captain and Deckhand you're headed for a full day of fishing.

You may expect 10 hours dock to dock, with a minimum of 8 hours of 'wet-line' time.

Lunches, Soft Drinks, Water, Fresh Water Ice, Bait, Tackle & Terminal Tackle will be provided.

Also provided In our All Inclusive Packages is, Lodging, and Meals, all required Fishing Licenses, Rain Gear, your Captain and Deckhand, Ground Transportation, Fish Processing to your specifications, Portioned for 2, Labeled, Flash frozen & Boxed for Flight.

Virtually everything is included in your All Inclusive Package except for; Airfare, Alcohol & Gratuities.

Information on our 'Day Fishing Trips' can be found on our 'TRIPS' page, Just 'click' on Freelance Fishing Trips. Both half and Full Day information may be found there.
Mark Messenger Sr.
Mark Messenger Jr.
Roscoe Messenger
Craig Messenger

Pictured is Mark Messenger Sr. with brother Craig fishing in the background.
Mark Junior & Mark Senior ~ both with two beautiful King Salmon!

Roscoe harvest this beauty! Another King for this foursome!

Roscoe is Mark Sr. and Craig's Dad, & Mark Junior's Grammpa!
Craig Messenger ~ Nice King Craig! Congratulations!
Family Photo Opp! 3 Generations of Anglers.

Roscoe Messenger
Mark Messenger Sr.
Mark Messenger Jr.
Craig Messenger

Thank You Gentlemen!
Those fishing with Urban this year are;
Pratap chand (Pat)
Bill Lytle
Paul J. Sapanuar

Urban has fished with us every since ... well ... before I was lucky enough to have a computer, and all record were literally kept by hand! 1998?
Urban Stroy ~ Nice King Salmon Urban!

As we tell folks, August is not the primary Salmon Specie Running this time of year. The primary Specie is Coho/Silver Salmon.

It is very likely you will harvest a King Salmon. Will you get your personal limits? maybe not, but more than likely you'll see some King action as Urban and many others do!

August is a hard time to get down to the Kings, they are deeper in the water column. Coho being the ravenous little feeders that they are, and swiming higher in the water column will frequently get to the bait first.

(but not this time!)
Peacefull ~ and you're fishin' ... NICE!
Bernice Stein
Jack Stein
Doug Davis
Rich Hetterbran ~ In Photo

Rich harvested this 'Catch of the Day'! This one catch gave the Stein party 80 pounds of meat in Halibut fillets! All boneless ~

Halibut that exceed 100 pounds will yield apx 50% in fillets!
Jack Stein

This group of 4 went home with a very nice amount of assorted seafood. Their Fillets were Portioned & Packaged for 2, Vacuum Sealed in 4 Mil Pouches, Labeled, Flash Frozen to -25 Degrees, Boxed & Banded.

Our 'Fish House Guys' stay with all our guests, their boxes of frozen seafood on carts and assisting them throughout the ENTIRE airport check-in process.

Very nice folks that we are proud to fish!

Thanks Folks!
Left to Right

Doug Davis
Rich Hetterbran
Bernice Stein
Rich Hetterbran ~ Pictured Far Right

Deckhand Chase Zeman was Rich's Deckhand aboard the c/v Gulkana with Captain Zach Crosby.
Compliments of Mary Sue and her husband Paul Day of California

Thank You!
Photo compliments of MAry sue and Paul Day.

Nice Catch! Some Halibut and a host of Coho!
Mary Sue ~ Nice King (Chinook) Salmon!

Photo Compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair
Paul harvested the King Salmon! Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Fish!
Paul Day with a beautiful little Silver!

Photo compliments of the c/v Reel Affair crew; Capt'n Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.
Photo taken by Chris Ystead ~ Deckhand

Thank You Chris!

What draws the fish to our location are the pristine waters, and the pure abundance of feed.

The quality of the fish you and our guests harvest are the highest quality. These fish are served in the finest of restaurants.

Your fish are not spawners, where the flesh can be soft and mushy.

These fish are 'Feeders'. The flesh is firm and beautiful in color naturally! There is literally never any 'fishy smell' or taste with any of the species you will harvest.

The Flavor and texture is comparable to none. Rest assure there will be nothing better on your table for your family and friends.
From Left to Right

Ron Chiratti
Bob Achilles
Ron Geil
John Towers

For the last six years and scheduled for 2006 & 2007, these 4 gentlemen have continually fished with us. They've spoken to others of us, with many of those folks ultimatley giving us a chance, fishing with us, & continuing to fish with us. ~ Because of the Guests we are so fortunate to have; 85% of our bookings are repeating guests or new to us by "Word of Mouth".

Thank you Gentlemen!
No words will describe the beauty you will see while out harvesting your daily catch!

Photo compliments of the crew aboard the c/v Reel Affair: Capt'n Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.

Thanks Guys!
Doug Fishes with us each year (this year 2x) as a party of one. In the past he has fished along side Lennie Ambrose, don Hartman, Mark Richards and others.

in 2006 he is planning to 'hook' up again with Don Hartman and Mark Richards.

A small sampling of what was harvested by Doug. He has here, a Pelagic Rock Fish (rock fish), and a small Yellow Eye.
You can see by the homes in the back ground how close to town the whales will come. This photo was provided to us by Mary Sue Day, while fishing aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.

Thank you Mary Sue!
Don Fished along side his Nephew Mark Richards

Don is pictured here holding up a nice fat Coho!
Mark Richards who fished with his Uncle Don Hartman sporting a beautiful King Salmon.

Don and Mark shared the boat with fellow angler Douglas (Doug) McCormick.
While Mark shows off his nice King, Don is proudly displaying a 'HUGE' Rock Fish...


From: Mark Richards
To: Alaskan Reel Affair Charters
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 17:16:15

Funny stuff on the site. My king vs. Don's rock fish. Good stuff. I am counting the days until August. Have a good winter. Thanks for the update.
Mark Richards

Each day we fish Salmon in the morning & the ground species in the afternoon hours (Halibut, Yellow Eye, & Rock Cod. (Our guests also fish Ling Cod when open.)

The primary Salmon specie during the month of July & August is Coho / Silver Salmon. When Don hooked into this modest but legal King Salmon, his crew congratulated him and put the fish in the boat!

Kings are the primary Salmon specie in May and June. They are abundant in numbers and offer our guests the opportunity to choose the King they want to harvest given it is not gill hooked.

Nice job Don!
This photo was provided to me by Mary Sue Day. Mary Sue and his husband Paul fished with us August 10, 11, and 12, 2005

Thank you folks!
Friends and family who Joined Kevin are his dad John Grove Sr.
Randy Hunt
& Richard Norquist

Kevin Grove with his respectable King (Chinook) Salmon are pictured.

Nice job Kevin! See you in '07!
Captain Gary Downey with Deckhand 'Tanner' Boggs making the run to the fishing grounds while the sun's rays break over the mountain tops.

All our boats are powered by Volvo ~ Penta
Left to Right ~ Corey Burke (with Pole)
and His Dad Lee Burke in Plaid.

This father and son always chooses our freelance Fishing Package.

They make their own arrangements for lodging, & we just pick them up at their choice of B&B. If you would like more Freelance Fishing Information check out 'trips' page on our web site.

See you in '07 gentlemen!
Corey Burke
Warm Melted Butter, French Bread, Salad ~ and BINGO!
'Cuddles' Caudell
Left to Right;

Lloyd Caudell
Eldon Ernhardt
Dick Boersig &
Dick, Eldon, Lloyd and Keith!

These gentlemen get together each year with us ~ some of them not seeing each other again until the following year!

It seems every year they just have a little more fun than the last!

see you next year!
Eldon Ernhardt
Lloyd, Dick, Keith and Eldon showing off their 'stuff'!
Dick Boersig
Lloyd Caudell
Left to Right

Ernie Amarillas
Michael Knotts
Bill Saladin
Gerald Czarnecki

not shown is Mikes wife: Kara Knotts

Fishing Sitka waters ~ You will find it is a well managed and abundant fishery.

It provides fish for Sportsmen and Sportswomen alike, Commercial fishermen and women & countless others who depend on it.
Left to Right;

Cheryl Luttrell
Dave Luttrell
Cheryl, Taylor and Dave ~

(with a bunch of halibut)
Cheryl Luttrell

These folks had a wonderfully sucessfull trip.

They be back in 2006. Dave and Cheryl will be fishing 3 days in June.

They'll bring Taylor with them in August!
Taylor with Deckhand Tim Baxter aboard the c/v Le Affare Di Reel
Little Taylor ~ She is the sweetest little girl, and what a trooper! She just keeps on Fishing! and Catching!
and catching, and catching...
and at the end of a very busy day ...
Bill Mosier with his son Michael.

They had a very sucessful trip ~ We sent them home happy and tired.
Around every corner ~ every Cove, every Bay, every Channel ~ It's just as pretty as the last!
Photo of Harry Kriegel.

Harry fished along side his close friend from High School Days. George Howard. Others who joined them are Harry's son Charles Kriegel, and Charlles Son Charles Kriegel Junior ...

3 Generations who had a veryy sucessfull fishing trip coupled with a lot of fun!
Left to Right Charles Kriegel and George Howard.

Charlie has his King, and George has his Coho!
Featuring Bob Cheeseman

These 4 Anglers; Stan, Laurie, Dale and Bob went home with a nice variety of fish for their freezers. They chose to collectivly combine their catch, sharing equally in what each other caught!
Charlie Kriegel Junior ~ Beautiful King Charlie!

We enjoyed fishing you and your family!
Nothing cuter ~ They're floating on their backs with their pups on their tummy! (when it is a mom with pups!

They eat Sea Urchings, Abalone, they love shell fish.
Almost 150,000 Northern Sea Otters inhabit the coastline of Alaska.

The average Sea Otter lives 10 or 11 years and unlike other marine mammals, the Sea Otter does not have a layer of blubber (fat) to help keep it warm.

Sea Otters are one of the only mammals other than primates known to use tools. Otters use small rocks or other shellfish to pry prey from rocks & to hammer or pry open their food. They can dive up to 180 feet when foraging for food. Their favorite foods include Sea Urchins, Abalone, Mussels, Clams, Crabs, and Snails.

From: National Marine Conservation Association
Kath Harwood ~ she's harvested herself a beauty! (Silver Salmon)
The 'Ladies'. They always have way too much fun...

Kathy Harwood and Carolyn Clites
Kathy Harwood with her Deckhand Tim Baxter fished aboard the c/v Le Affare Di Reel with Capt'n Tim Twaddle.
Damon Harwood sporting a respectable King Salmon!
Left to Right is;

Deckhand Tim Baxter
Carolyn Clites
Tom Mescher
Damon Harwood
Tom Mescher
Carolyn Clites
Kathy Harwood
and a nice show of Dungeness Crab
Pristine Waters, Crisp Morning Air, Hot Cup of Coffee, Good Friends. Need I say more?
Gentlemen fishing with Marty are;

Pictured ~ Marty Gragg ~ Group Leader

Dan Allen
Dan Bews
Chase (C.J.) Bews
Jake Bews
Cody Dales
Marvin Gribble
Robert Manas
Steven Manas
Brandon Rees
Noel Scott
Jack Van Liew

via e-mail; Thanks Octobre, that was a great time.

Marty ~ You're very welcome!
Marty Gragg
Beautiful day, Nice Men, good show of Halibut!

C.J. Bews with his dackhand Ben Keys ~

C.J Bews harvested this very nice Halibut ~ nice work C.J.!
it's almost like WORK! & worth every second!
This was a geat bunch of guys.

These 12 anglers fished along side their son's and close friends.

We fish 4 anglers per boat, coupled with their captain and deckhand. This affords them 1 crew member for every two anglers on board, providing full service, not to include safety which is high on our list of priorities.

Halibut limits are 2 per person per day, with no annual bag limit.
Fathers and Son's! Doesn't get much better than that!
Marvin Gribble - Beautiful King Salmon!

very Nice!
Very Nice showing of an afternoon catch.

Typically we do combination trips; Fishing Salmon in the A.M. Fishing Ground Species in the afternnon hours.
Water Spout!

COOL, huh?
Pictured Left to Right are;

Robert Ash
Wayne Sorsoli - Group Leader
Kenny Rogers
Wayne Ash

Beautiful Fish Men!
A cute little guy, isn't he?

Puffins are usually 10 inches tall which is about the height of a quart jug of milk. The puffin weighs about 500 grams, very similar to a can of soda.

Adult puffins mostly eat small fish, such as Sand Eels, Herring, Hake & Capelin.

A puffin can fly 48 to 55 mph! The puffin beats its wings rapidly to achieve this speed reaching up to 400 beats a minute. The wings can move so fast that they become a blur, giving a flying puffin the appearance of a black and white football.

for more information on Puffins to

This photo was taken aboard the c/v Reel Affair, with Captain Joel Simon Son and Deckhand Chris Ystead.

I found this picture at the above mentioned web site.
Max Dorflinger Sr.
Herman Maaren
Nilo Urbani &
Max M. Dorflinger Jr.

Nilo Harvested his King (Chinook) Salmon. Max, Herman, and Max Jr. are holding some of their Silver Salmon Harvest... Limits on Coho / Silver Salmon are 6 per person per day with no annual bag limit.
Members of this Fishing Party;

Joel Swartz
Max Dorflinger
Max M. Dorflinger
Jerry Otto
Randall Stevenson
Nilo Urbani
Herman Maaren

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005
Hi Octobre, Thanks for your response to my email. I'm excited!

I already talked to some friends and would like to make the 4 day fishing reservation for 2007 with Jeremy for fishing the 4th thru the 7th of July.

Thanks for all the arrangements and first class service you provided this last summer - Looking forward to seeing you in 2007.

Best Wishes for the Holidays,
Randy Stevenson

Your very welcome Randy!
Left to Right is ~

Herman Maaren
Nilo Urbani
Roman Soronkin - Deckhand
Randall Stevenson

Handsome Harvest of Yellow-Eye
It dosen't get much better than this gentlemen!

Nilo Urbani &
Herman Maaren

Deckhand Roman in his 'Day~Glow Orange' Roman's signature color...

Captain Jeremy Twaddle
Nilo Urbani

King Salmon! Nice, Very Nice!
Left to Right: Jerry Otto & Joel Swartz

Bottom Left: Max Dorflinger Sr.

Top Right: Max Dorflinger Jr.
Depending on the tide, Lake Redoubt is only a few feet above sea level.
Jerry Otto with a King Salmon! - Jerry is a good man to take to the airport with you when picking up the other fellows in his fishing party...

(we provide rain gear too!)
I think we are blessed with some of the nicest fishing folks ... One day last year (2004) I explained my 'Marble Theory' to these gentlemen. ~ It does not apply here ...

Ready? (i'm doing the classic 'news paper' line up of noses L to R ~ (very hansome noses too i might add!)

Joel Peterson
Gary Seidel
Gary Evans
Bruce Dodge (Leader)
Gary Johnson
Mike Delaney
Bob Comer
Ken Poock
Brad Poock
Skip Schambari
Tony Smith
Craig King

Same 'bunch' of guys ~ the fellows who weren't smiling in the other poto - are smiling a in this one !~
Pictured is Skip Schambari

These fellows have fished with us for 4 years now? The way they found us ~ and the way we 'found' them was all just by 'chance'.
Gary Evans - Hockey Referee and Cedar Plank Maker! (proud owner of a candy apple red vintage car and nice guy)
Inimitable Group Leader * Bruce Dodge!

Thank you Bruce! Thank you all!
Joel Peterson
ken came to us this year through and with his som Brad Poock who fished with the Dodge party!

Nice making your aquaintance Ken! Thank you! Thank you Brad ~
What is this cute little fuzzy guy?

The Mc Kenna Party ~ July 12, 13, 14, 15, came across this fuzzy little crab guy while crab and shrimping -

After (very carefully) gawking and photo taking they gently released this fuzzy little guy back to the ocean to find his way home... kinda cute isn't he?

Photo compliments of Captain Jeremy Twaddle & Deck hand Roman Sorokin aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine.

Small World ~ As it turns out these two men, Don and Mark are friends of Adam Klocek - who will be fishing with us the 25th, 26th 27th and 28th ~

Don and Mark NEVER said a word!

Don and his son Mark fished aboard the c/v Gulkana with Zach Crosby and deck hand Chase Zeman

"Mark Sandberg"
To: "Alaskan Reel Affair Charters"
Subject: Thank you all
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 19:27:05

Dear Octobre, and crew of Reel Affair Charters,

It has been a little over a week since my Dad and I were last with you there at Sitka AK.

I would like to take this time from a busy week back at work to say again thank you for all that you did for us in making our stay there a pleasure.

We both had a wonderful time and have loads of digital pictures and movies of your crew and others guests that were on the trip, to share with everyone here. My wife suggested that her uncles would be glad to see some of these photos this upcoming family reunion.

It wouldn?t surprise me that they and some of their employees would want to come and fish with you.

I will gladly continue to recommend your business. I?m looking forward to coming back to see you in subsequent years. I wish you all a successful and safe year.

Best regards, Mark Sandberg

Thank you Mark ~
Octobre ~ Our best to your dad!
Don Sandburg fished with his son Mark ~ They shared the boat with Phil Judge and Peter Doran. They all fished aboard the c/v Gulkana with Captain Zach Crosby and Deckhand chase Zeman.

The 2 groups ~ Judge, a party of 2 & Sandburg, a paty of 2, segregated their fish, and each group shared their catch between themselves.

Phil and Peter split their catch equally, as well as Don and Mark. Their Captain and deck hand saw to it that the split was sucessfully made on board prior to passing it off in two seperate 'totes' for transport to our 'fish house' for custom processing!

(lets ask this - i am going to post a few pic's of my 'fish house' with in a few many other outfittters do that??? ~ those can be seen in the 2005 employee photo category)
Each time I introduce folks to ouw town, and we are getting aclimated to the 'goings~on', ~ orientation? Folks ask me ~ Do you think we'll see any whales?

Phil Judge and Peter Doran ~

Pete? i saw Spike again!!!
Phil Judge is captured in this picture taken aboard the c/v Gulkana.

Phil has his King and this is COHO time!

See, this time of year your captain is going to see you have a King on ~ and he is going to net that fish, bring it on board, he'll shake your hand and say NICE FISH! this is COHO time!

Nice Plug Pete!

Peter Doran & Phil Judge - Quite the 'pair to draw to' ~ Great sense of humer ~ Both of them - They had me going a few times!

(so what would spike's off spring wear ~ baby gap with push pins ???)

Thank you both for the laugh's ~ see you in the future!
Sorry I am behing getting these pictures posted!

'busy girl * busy girl'!

Again; Thank you both for everything ~ Take care and see you in a few years!
The Beauty ~ The Wildlife and Fishing too!
Glen Yamada fished along side his grandson Henry Owen, and Glen's good friends David Grayson & John Estes. Glen and Johns' wives' joined the anglers in Sitka.

The men rose early and fished. The ladies relaxed in town, enjoyed the sites, and learned about the history of our community.
Nice yield of fish on a beautiful Sitka Day ~

A boat load of Silvers!

Left to right is John Estes, Glen Yamada and David Grayson ~ Thank you gentlemen!

These gentlemen fished aboard the c/v Discovery with Captain Ted Spear and Deckhand Ben Key
Glen Yamada
Photo Compliments of Brian Patterson ~ who Fished 6 Days ~ July 12 thru 17, 2005

Thank you1
Meet Mr. Don Mannis - it doesn't look like it - but he had FUN! (and he caught fish too!
Randy Smith fished along side Don Mannis and Paul Landier.
Photo sent to us by Brian Patterson who fished 6 Days on July 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. Brian fished along side his son Shane (The kid with the BIG King Salmon)

Thanks Brian!
Nice job Logan!
Logan Dreschel with another King Salmon! (dad did pretty well too)
Gary and His son Logan fished a five day All Inclusive Package ~ and went home with just about 250 pounds!

Very Nice!

A bird Sanctuary for you 'Birders'
I know the BOTTOM of the boat is the HULL ~ what do they call the other part? the white Part - the top?

One of the 'Dam' ships.

Ryndam .. There are others ~ as sure as i am here, i know there are others..
Total Harvest was 250 pounds for 5 days fishing for two guests.
Nice ~ Very Nice ~

Ted Pede with Deckhand Roman Sorokin on c/v Reel De Bobine
~ Before ~

(ie: before and after photo's)

see; AFTER

From: "Randi Beasley"
Subject: pics from web site
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005

Great pictures of my husband (Rick Beasley) and his Dad on your website... Any chance we can get copies of those pictures? He had a great time and we will enjoy the "booty" for some time to come. Thanks for your time,

Randi Beasley

Randi ~ Thank you! Octobre

Rick is Second from the Left in the Red Sweatshirt ~
After being requested by Jeremy or Roman (which ever one took the picture) to look like they're happy ~ we get this picture ~

From: Ted Pede
Subject: Hi Octobre! It's Ted Pede
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 15:14:06

Our group pictures look great on your web site. We had a wonderful time; as always. Thanks for the (---- ----) you put in my fish box.

Thanks! See you in January at the Sportsman's Show, in Sacramento.


Continued from Photo One - The Truth! Jeremy and Roman most likely told Stan, Rick, Les, and Ted that our Captains and Deck hands are under 'incredible amounts of pressure' to take these pictures for me ~ Octobre ~ so that i can add them to our web site!

Just gotta love em' huh?

Thank you Gentlemen! You are great sports! See you very soon - remember to call for tickets to the show!
Stan Beasley ~ Halibut ~ Roman Sorokin

Nice King Les - Les, Did YOU hear about the one that got away ??? I did! How big WUZ it??

Left to Right
Rick Beasley, Les Olson, and Deck hand Roman Sorokin aboard the c/v Reel De La Bobine with Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle

(Looking forward to next season - Ted's plot thickens...)
OKAY - SO! thjis is the deal ~ you all just hafta wear bright colors, purples, reds, yellows, bright blues, - they just look so good on you when your sdhowing off those healthy KING SALMON! Right Rick?

Rick Beasley, and his dad Stanley, who is Barbara's Husband :) (hi Barb!) is close friends with the 'Pede/Olson' guys.

This is Rick!
Around every bend or corner ir is just as beautiful or more so ...

Compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair, Capt'n Joel Simonson and Chris Ystead.
Bill fished with us for 3 days in Mud July. His wife Dori stayed in town during the day, relaxing and seeing the sites.

Bill Matzkiw is in the fore front, and Tim Baxter his Deck hand in holding up those 2 Halibut. Bill got his limits of Halibut each day.
Beautiful Coho Bill!
Alaska Dept of Fish & Game has relaxed the limits on King Salmon - Tom Ruhaak fished with us for 5 days. Current limits allow him to keep a King Salmon each day he fishes.

Tom did NOT catch a King Salmon each day, (this is Coho season) but the King Tom caught on this day looks a bit bigger the other one he harvested!

NICE! Congrats!

Do either of you have a couple of good pictures of Chuck you could e-mail to me? i don't have a single one - i dunno why - - - HELP! You were both a lot of fun, we (i) enjoyed you both!
Tom Ruhaak caught this beauty! Nice job Tom!

These two gentlemenmen, Tom and Chuck fished five (5) days. They fished the first two days with Captain Joel Simonson on c/v Reel Affair, and the remaining three (3) with Capt'n Tim Twaddle on the c/v Le Affaire di Reel.

Thank you Gentlemen!
Compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair ~ Joel Simonson and Deck hand Chris Ystead.

Thanks Guys!
Vern King ~ Usually Vern fishes with three other 'guys'. Vern always fishes with close friends Rick Raabe, and Allen Carter. Not this year though ~ I think there was a cruise for Rick? Other plans for Allen? BUT. Next Year ~ August 14, 15, 16, 17, 2006 ~ They are all Set!

To Vern's right is Mark Pederson with the Graf Party

Photo compliments of Capt'n Tim Twaddle and Deck hand Tim Baxter aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel.

Thank you Vern and our best to Patrice!
Vern King, to the left shared the boat with the Graf Party of 3. Vern is pictured with Lowell Graf.
Vern harvested this good sized Coho!
look closely ~ they are there and so many of them ~ There is this one who lives right in the channel. you see him almost every day. Some people have a name for him, but I don't know it ~ he's huge! he's well fed, and HUGE!

Photo compliments of Capt'n Zach Crosby and Deck hand Chase Zeman aboard the c/v Gulkana. Cool! I like this one too!
From Left to Right ~

Eric Hayhurst
Jim Rogers
Gary Rogers
John Rogers

From: johnrogers
Subject: Pictures of recent trip for website
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005


We would like to THANK you , your staff and excellent crew for a fishing experience of a lifetime. The courtesy, sevice and professionalism that everyone at Reel Affair showed us will keep us coming back year after year. I can't say enough about the captains and deckhands not to mention the great fishing! We look forward to seeing you again next year!

Thanks Again, John Rogers

Nice display of fish! Thank you gentlemen.
Photo of Gary Rogers who fished right along side his 2 brothers, Jim and John Rogers, and good friend Eric Hayhurst

Nice Catch!

These fellows are heading home tomorrow. The total catch per angler?

~ I think they'll be VERY happy ~ Thank you gentlemen!

received 12/10/05
Octobre, Hello from California and the John Rogers Group! Hope all is well with you and your family.

We had a GREAT time last July while visiting Sitka and fishing with Alaskan Reel Affair Charters. We want to do it again in 2006!!
We are looking at the 4 day trips in July.

There would be four (4) in our party. Please let me know what you have open.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Thanks again .... looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Gary Rogers
Jim Rogers
John Rogers
Eric Hayhurst

Photo taken aboard the c/v Reel de Bobine with Captain Jeremy Twaddle and Deckhand Roman Sorokin
Photo Compliments of John Rogers -

These fellows fished 4 days, their first being a full day of Crab and shrimping. They were a little hesitant to try this 'side trip', but because of how scheduling worked out, it was to be the 1st day of their charter or never ~ They loved it.

Pictured is John Rogers, Photo Compliments of John Rogers.
Pictured is Lowell Graf (group leader) fished with Larry Hansen and Mark Pederson aboard the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle and Deck hand Tim Baxter.

Thank you gentlemen!
Mark Pederson fished along side Lowell Graff and Larry Hansen ~ he also made the aquaintance of, Vernon King, fellow angler. ) More of Vern later... ~ he is still fishing, and these 3 gentlemen are done and fly home tomorrow - 7/19/05
Larry Hansen harvested this very nice 'Smilie'.

Larry Hansen, Mark Pederson, Lowell Graf, all chose to fillet their salmon, be it a King or a Coho and are sharing their fish equally between themselves.
Nice Halibut Mark!

Pictured is Mark Pederson aboard Le Affaire Di Reel with Capt'n Tim Twaddle and 1st Mate Tim Baxter.

Photo Compliments of Tim Twaddle ~ Capt'n.
Ang good fishing to ~ imagine?
Pat McKenna
Pat McKenna
Left to Right

Don Langeman
robin Foreman
Ed Coulson
David Kikuta
Left to Right

David Kikuta
Robin Foreman
Ed Coulson
Don Langeman

12 Gentlemen ~ 3 Boats, each day 4 men, their captain and deckhand went for a full day of Crab and Shrimping ~ The weave used on the Shrimp pots are a 1" mesh which allows only those shrimp which are to big to fit through the weave to be retained.

Randy Pharr

c/v Reel Affair with Capt'n Joel Simonson and deck hand Chris YStead.
L to R

Deck hand Tim Baxter
Pat McKenna
James Duty
Randy Pharr
William Taylor
Lennie Grant
craig Shannon
Greg Jacobson
Jeff Laughead
Ed Coulson

An Incredible shot! Aside from Brian Patterson and Shane on the Gulkana, with shanes' 50 + pound King Salmon, we also have in town the Pat Mc Kenna Party of 12 ~

I robbed a few camera's tonight at the harbor. I took Zach for the pictures' of Shane's fish, and then I took my Guest Camera's ( 2 of em' )because of all the really cool pictures they took today!

(a very good picture day)

This Photo is compliments of Pat McKenna aboard the c/v Reel de Bobina with Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle and Deckhand Roman Sorokin.
Day 4: Another Beauty ~

I knew when Brian (THE dAD) and Shane hopped in my van this afternoon. Brian said "well? He did it again!"

The part I liked? Yesterday I asked if they got a few pictures ~ and today? Shane just whipped out that old camera and began scrolling through ~ and talking ~ and showing ~ I think he's havin' fun! Cool!

They fished aboard the c/v Gulkana with Captain Zach Crosby and Deck hand Chase Zeman for 5 days of their 6 day All Inclusive Charter.

On Day 1 day they arranged for a full day of Crab and Shrimping with Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle, and Deck hand Roman Sorokin aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine.

Thank You Gentlemen! (send me a couple of your pic's so I can add them ~ ok? )

P.S. Well ~ we sent them home today with 406 pounds ~ Brian said something about a brand new freezer: plugged in: ready!
From: "Brian Patterson"
Subject: RE: Patterson Alaska photos July 12-17 Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005

-----Original Message-----
Here are a few photos from our trip. The trip was more than we expected, fishing was great, your staff is awesome. The fish we caught is
great tasting. The Shrimp are very good along with the Crab. Thanks for the

I think Shane had a great time, he really got along well with your crew. I may be back next year. Late June to early July would be best. Could you let me know what openings you may have for 5
days fishing for 2 people?

You have a real first class operation going. You all can be proud of giving a better trip than can be imagined.

Tell Jeremy that I will send him his S.S. cards once I finish them.

Thanks Again
Brian Patterson and Shane Durkopp

Photo Compliments of Brian Pattersosn, Picture is of Son Shane Durkopp
Day Three: July 14th:
Yes! Brian Patterson and Shane are 'still a fishin'. Now I don't typically post pictures prior to my folks' departure, BUT you gotta see it ~ it's a hog ~ a pig with scales as I see it ~

Shane Durkopp - You must be thrilled!
Putting Shane's fish in proportion for you all ~ his fishing License states he is 175 pounds, and stands 6 feet tall at 19 years old.

A very VERY nice high school graduation present from his family. Shane caught his 'Trophy' on a Lamiglass 1310T on 25 pound test - His King Salmon weighed in at 56 pounds.

Shane Caught this King aboard the c/v Gulkana with Capt'n Zach Crosby and Deckhand Chase Zeman.


7/15/2005: The following information has been submitted from the Alaskan Reel Affair Charters Web Site Contact Form

Name = Debra Durkopp
Company =
Address 1 =
City = Minneapolis
State = MN
Zip =
Telephone =
Fax =
Email = debra.durkopp@
Guests =
Timeframe =
Comments = I just wanted to tell Shane Durkopp, (one of your current guests) that his 56 lb. salmon is AWESOME!!! I'm so excited for him. If you could give him this message for me it would be great. I'm his aunt in Minneapolis.

Thanks a lot,
Deb Durkopp

You are very wecome Deb - he is a very nice young man. ~ Octobre Twaddle
A Day spent Crab and Shrimping! The first day of a six day charter ~ I know I'm gonna send them home tired!
Left to Right:
Shane Durkopp and Stepdad Brian Patterson

Culmination of Day 1? ~ Shrimp, and some really nice Coho!
The beginning stages of Filleting Shanes' Trophy King Salmon consisted of removing the head, making the long cut down the entire legnth of the body, cutting right on the back bone ensuring as much meat as possible is retained, with minimal waste.

My head filleter has been with me since day 1 ... every summer ... every day

Yes! This is Shane's fish, which then had the collar and the ribs removed. It was portioned and cut in servings for 2, vacuum sealed in 4 mil pouches, and it was frozen to minus 25 degrees within 5 hours of being vacuum sealed. It just dosen't get much better than that!
From Left to Right

Ernie Larsen
Kolton Larsen
Debra Larsen
Brandon Larsen
Ron Larsen
Bob Larsen
Chris Lee
Billie Larsen
Teri Severnak
Milan Severnak
Roberta Larsen
& Neil Larsen

They all went Crab and Shrimping and did a lot of fishing. They spent one additional day in Sitka seeing the sites, & enjoying the local 'color' before leaving town on Alaska Airlines' first flight of the day!

Thank you folks - It was our pleasure. Again ~ let me extend a huge thank you to everyone from Tim and I and our entire crew at Alaskan Reel Affair Charters. Dinner was wonderful!
Bob Larsen our group leader - This family of 12 chose Crab & Shrimping as part of their All Inclusive Package.

Captain Joel Simonson and Chris Ystead their deck hand took 4 folks each day for 3 days while the others in their party fished for King Salmon, Halibut, Yellow Eye and Rock Fish. The Larsen family divided their collective fish and Shrimp harvest equally.
Teri Severnak and her husband Milan
Brandon Larsen
Father and Son ~ Ron and Kolton Larsen measuring the 'Dungeness' Crab to ensure they are of legal size to retain.
Chris Lee aboard the c/v Discovery with Capt'n Ted Spear and Ben Key
Billie Larsen with her deck hand Chris Ystead aboard the c/v Reel Affair and a beautiful King Salmon
Neal Larsen
Bob Larson with his 100 pound halibut! Nice work!
L to R

Debra Larsen
Son ~ Kolton
Husband ~ Ron
& Deck hand ~ Chris Ystead
Ron Larsen, Kolton Larsen, and Ernie Larsen aboard the c/v Gulkana with Captain Zach Crosby and deck hand Chase Zeman
Milan Severnak
Roberta Larsen enjoying hot Dungeness Crab, Jumbo Spot Prawns and Melted Butter along side her husband Neil.
Bob Larsen

Sometimes it can just be so Peacefull ~
Christopher Lee, Brandon Larson and Ron Larson aboard the c/v Gulkana with Captain Zach Crosby and deck hand Chase Zeman.

Thanks Folks! Your family was a real pleasure!
Ernie Larsen, Kolton Larsen and Ron Larsen ~

c/v Gulkana with Zach Crosby and deckhand Chase Zeman.
Jerry Powers -

These Halibut are not what folks would consider Trophy fish, but you simply cannot top these Halibut for quality! The fillets will be moist and some of the best they will ever have.
Mark Lindsay caught this King Salmon! These 2 gentlemen fished a 3 day package this year. In 2006 they have chosen to fish 4 days, Crab & Shrimping their 4th and last day.

Thanks guys! See you next Year!

From: "Mark Lindsay"
Subject: Thanks
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 20:32:20

Octobre and Tim,

Well here I sit in sunny San Diego just day dreaming of being out on the water with Tim and Tim. What great guys and what a great time they showed us.

I know that Jerry feels the same way but our trip was completely phenomenal. The service and attention to detail that everyone in your organization showed us was just great!

Getting a chance to meet our new fishing buddies Marvin and Melvin Bookout was a blast too. I just hope and pray that at 81 I can still come there to do the same thing. Was Marvin a crack up or what?

I've spent the majority of the day looking at the website and day dreaming. I can't wait to come back. My son Tanner is excited too.

So, thanks again for everything and I look forward to seeing you guys soon. Be sure to let me know when you guys are down in Long Beach. I'll try and make it up there.

P.S. Thanks for the nice surprise!!

Jerry Powers;

Work hard: play hard!
A highly Reputable and Respected ~ Federally run hospital and Health Center for Local Folks and those living in remote areas of South East Alaska. It is also a Trama Centre for those in dire need who have been air lifted by Sitka U.S.C.G.
Jumbo Spot Prawns! Excellent with Warm Butter. Presented with everything Alaskan surrounding you from all angles; Heavily Forested Islands, Crisp Pristine Waters, Eagles, Deer and Bear.

All THAT coupled with steamed Jumbo Spot Prawns dipped in hot melted butter aboard .

That's called processing at sea - the rest of it you have to take home! Dock Limits are 10 pounds of tails per person per day
Huge Yellow Eye!
Melvin and Marvin were looking forward to a day of Crab and Shrimping, spotting a little deer swimming between Islands. It had already swam about 3/4 mile, and was practically to the neighboring island it intended to go to. (Chicken crossing the road thing)

The boat apparently causing the deer some alarm, caused the deer to turn and attempt to swim back to where it had started.- (Not a good idea as they are not typically strong swimmers)

Capt'n Tim, deck hand Tim Baxter & the Bookout Brothers spent about 45 minutes carefully, and gingerly navigating the boat, persuading the deer to go back to it's original heading ... Safely swimming to the closest shore and the one it was intending to swim to originally.

Everyone on board felt pretty good about taking a few moments to take the time, and make sure she made it to shore ~
In Memory and In Our Hearts ~ 7/15/04

We learned of Lou's Passing in March of 2005 ~ We miss her.

from Marvin and Lou's Crab and Shrimp Trip in 2004:

Score! Good job! I know they sampled their fair share on the boat. Steamed with fresh ocean salt water, some warm melted butter, the scenery, the wildlife! It just doesn't get much better than that, does it?
Marvin Bookout - Grey Day and a nice Bright Smile! Nice Job Marv!~
Melvin Bookout ~ A gentleman we met this season who joined his twin brother Marvin. these two gentlemen fished 5 full days.

Love how you're hugging that King Melvin! Nice Job! These gentlemen took home 150 pounds of seafood ~ Each.
Melvin ~ She is a Beaute!
In Loving Memory of Lou Bookout ~ Marvin's wife of 5 years. We will always love and miss her
Many of our guests have caught themselves a nice King Salmon off 'Bird Island'.
Lindy Graham with close friend Gary Otto, spent one day of their 2 week vacation in Sitka fishing with us. They had a very sucessful day on the water harvesting Halibut, King Salmon and Coho!
Gary Otto fishing Kings!

Sometimes it helps to remember that in part, much of the beauty surrounding Sitka is afforded us because Sitka is located in the middle of a National Rain Forest!
If you look the background over very closley you will see the 'onion dome' of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in downtown Sitka.
'Before' Please refer to 'After'

(you all know 'before & after'?)
Pete and his Wife Nancy Arrived in Sitka via the Alaskan Marine Highway aboard the M/V Matanuska. Nancy opted not to fish & chose to simply enjoy the sites.

Pete went & caught a fish or two.

...A very generous man he gave away the majority of his halibut to fellow anglers on his boat, and really just wanted to keep his King Salmon, Coho, and some of King Salmon he had smoked.
Pete caught this beauty! Congrats!
OK. Pete! Here goes! This man is a 'Peach' ~ right Nancy?

(he truly is) Pete, when choosing to prioritize his catch chose to retain his King Salmon and Coho & gave his Halibut (The majority there of) to other anglers on his boat...(NOT a common occurrence.) Pete smoked a very nice King Salmon that he and Nancy will share for some time!

Nancy harvested some beautiful gold pieces while Pete was 'hunting and gathering'.

Thank you for fishing with us - We will see you both at the Show! (Call me for tickets!)
Gavin Clark, and very nice King Salmon!

Gavin has fished along side his dad Freddy and close family friend Bob Stowater with Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine for a few year.

This is not the predominate time for King Salmon ~ This is a cross over time. The Kings are have historically dropped off to some degree, and the Coho (silver Salmon) are coming on strong. (this year the coho have been coming on since late May)

Nice Catch Gavin!

Note; Gavin? your mean Captain ~ didn't get me any photo's of your dad and Bob, could you e-mail me a few? Please?
Nice 'butt' ~

Ted and Les fishrd with us their very first time in 2004 ~ they fished with That year with Captain Tim Twaddle and Captain Mike Boettcher ~

Well, this year they requested Jeremy ~

GO FIGURE! Picture complliments of the crew of the c/v Reel De Bobine; Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle and Deck hand Roman Sorokin.

Usually found south of the Queen Charlotte Islands in B.C a number of these little guys were caught over the 2nd week of July. An Internet search reveals that they are fished commercially in California and sold in San Francisco in the Seafood Market.
Richard Cook harvested this nice size Rock Fish - If you ask me ~ aa hot pan, sizzling butter, 4 minutes per side and you have DINNER! An excellent one too!
The following information has been submitted from the Alaskan Reel Affair
Charters Web Site Contact Form

Name = Selman A.
Company =
Address 1 =
Address 2 =
City =
State =
Zip =
Telephone =
Fax =
Email =
# Guests =
Timeframe =
Comments = Octobre,

I recently fished with you on July 6th, 7th and 8th (Bill Hose Party). Zack took a wonderful picture of me holding my king with the volcano in the background. Not only is it the best picture of my fishing trip but the best picture of my whole ten days in Alaska! Could you please e-mail the picture to me so I may print it? Thanks in advance and thanks for a wonderful trip. I had a fabulous time and plan on returning with my family.

Hope all is well and that the season is going great for you.

Best Wishes, Selman Akyol

Selman ~ Check your e-mail - they are on the way! Thank you! O.T.
Claire Cook made this nice Harvest of Wild Alaskan King Salmon ~ Nothing like it!

William Cook fished Along side his Wife Deanna who chose to Freelance with us.

They collectivley had their fish split equally between the five anglers, and shipped via Federal Express to their respective homes while they continued to see the sites in Anchorage after departing Sitka!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!
William Cook

I think Tim and I are very fortunate in that every year I think about all the diffrent folks we have fished each year, each week ~ I really do feel the anglers are some of the nicest people.

Thjis year is no exception. We have the good fortune to live in Sitka, and the opportunity to meet new people, and renew friendships with all the rest ~ Thanks to all!
L to R:
Anne Kimball
Neal Kimball
Anne's Sister Cordelia Smith
& Group Leader, Jim Smith

Each family went home with 195 pounds of beautiful King Salmon Fillets, Coho Fillets, Halibut Fillets, Rock Fish, Yellow Eye!

Via E-mail 7/10/2005
Dear Octobre, Jeremy and Roman,

We're home safe and sound and relishing our experiences fishing. We had a great time which could have only been possible with the fantastic service you-all provide. Jeremy and Roman were the best ever.

Our fish arrived save and sound, "Jer-Rom" (my personal best named after Capt. Jeremy and Deck Hand, Roman) is cleaned, filleted and waiting for dinner.

We were delighted to find a surprise in the box and no doubt will enjoy it soon. (thank you!)

I'm checking out the recipes and looking forward to the best fish possible whenever we want it.

Oh, I have to tell you about a conversation I had in the San Jose airport. A gentleman saw our boxes and said he'd been fishing off Victoria Island. He brought home 50# and asked how much we had. I told him 200#. He replied that he'd only been fishing 3 days and asked how long we'd been out....I hated to disappoint him but had to tell him we were also out 3 days. As we left, I told him the name of your outfit and gave it a "thumbs-up."

Thanks Again,
Anne Kimball

Each family went home with 195 pounds of beautiful King Salmon Fillets, Coho Fillets, Halibut Fillets, Rock Fish, Yellow Eye!
Beautiful Salmon - 3 Kings and a Coho

(Certainly not all they harvested on any given day, just a really nice family portrait!)

Thank you folks! See you Jim, in 2006!

L to R:

Neal Kimball
Neal's Wife Anne
Anne's Sister, Cordelia aka Del
Del's Husband and Group leader Jim.

RE: Jim Smith fish trip July 4-9, 2005

Hello Octobre,
Just a note of thanks for a really fun and unusual vacation. You know - I really did not want to go (I am afraid of airplanes and fast boats). But, somehow I made it up there, through it and I have good memories. I loved the nature part of the area (mountains and wildflowers and history) AND the very cute and sweet Roman and Jeremy.

I know you put a little something extra in our fish box and I know we will enjoy it. Thank you.

I already miss that sweet little town and I would live there in a second if I
could. Thank you for your smiles and good humor and we will see you again.

We also will tell our friends about you all too.

I pick up pictures tomorrow and will send any good ones.
Del (Cordelia) Smith
From: Del Smith: e-mail
Subject: "Jer-Rome"
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 22:26:49

That is the famous "Jer-Rome" king salmon that Anne Kimball named after receiving so much assistance from Jeremy and Roman. - Del Smith

Anne Kimball with Captain Jeremy Twaddle aboard the c/v Reel De Bobine'
L to R

"Jer-Rome" and Deck hand Roman.

"Jer-Rome" was harvested by Anne Kimball with help from Jeremy Twaddle and Roman Sorokin

Photo contributed by Anne's Sister Del Smith! Thanks! That's Priceless!
Jim Rogers harvested this King Salmon while fishing the waters of Sitka Sound.

Photo compliments of his brother John Rogers.
Left to Right is Deckhand Chris Ystead, Angler Travis Thomas and Angler Sherman Frahm ~

Nice Catch at the end of a full day! These anglers came in a little early each day they fished King, Coho, and Halibut ~ Each angler went home with equal shares in their collective harvest ~ 197 pounds each. (don't forget the recipe page!)
L to R is;
Kim Frahm
Sherman Frahm
Travis Thomas
Nichole Thomas

Kim and Nichole spent the first day out with their husbands fishing ~ The remainder of their time in Sitka they spent exploring the local shops, sites, and 'color'. A great time was had by all!

Thank you folks! See you nest year!
L to R

Travis Thomas
Nichole Thomas
Sherman Thomas

Limits on King (Chinook Salmon have relaxed for the 2005 sport fish season in the waters which surround Sitka ~

ADF&G Regulations are 1 King per person per day not to exceed 5 for an annual bag limit!
Day One ~

A picture of success in the making! Day 1 of a 4 day saltwater fishing charter. Pictured is Sherman Frahm, and Nichole Thomas fishing Halibut.

The ladies fished one day ~ the men fished 4 days ~ each couple went home with 197 pounds of Halibut, King Salmon, Coho, Rock Fish & Yellow Eye.

Sherman Frahm ~

Our Thanks to Sherman & Kim Frahm!
deckhand aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel, Captain Tim Twaddle
Look at the beautiful color of the water ~
Larry fished along side his wife Pat. One of the things they had agreed on was "The Halibut aren't near as much fun to catch as King Salmon!" (I agree ~ Those halibut are a lot like work!)

Note to Larry and Pat ~ I want to take a second to let you know how much we appreciate your honesty, your kindness, and your patience, Thank you ~ we look forward to seeing you in the future ~
Sincerely, Tim and Octobre

I sure wish there would have been a picture of her FEET!

Nice King Salmon Pat! (more fun than Halibut, right?)

The following information has been submitted from the Alaskan Reel Affair
Charters Web Site Contact Form

We all (fish included) arrived home safely. We had a great trip. Thanks for your patience with us. We really enjoyed our time in Sitka. Larry would love to live up there!
Caught this one July 6th.

156 Pounds! Several Smaller ones lay one the deck, along with 2 Kings, and several Coho - Larry and Pat worked HARD for each and every one of these fish that they harvested!

Thank you Both! Enjoy!
The King Salmon Pat harvested is not a Blush. The Rosey color is from the gills. This King is bright and firm fleshed ~ it is going to be excellent!

Click on the recipes to check out over 1000 different recipes, and if you have one or two to contribute, please don't hesitate!
Tim Sincock, his Brother Brent fished along side Tim's two daughters, Nichole and Jennifer.

Pictured is Tim Sincock with a Yellow Eye on a beautiful warm Alaskan afternoon!
Left to Right:

Tim Sincock ~ Guest
Tim Baxter ~ Deckhand
Tim Twaddle ~ Captain

(Tim's ~ very nice Coho!)
Nikki Sincock ~

It's like we tell folks - Sitka is SMACK in the middle of the Tongass National Rain Forest. We tell folks to bring layered clothing, so that you can take things off, & so you can put them back ON! Rain Gear is provided!

Right Nikki? (i DO love this picture)
Nichole: Same Girl *Sunny Day*
Jennifer Sincock - Another Nice King!
Jennifer! Nice Job! Fish Hugs!
Uncle Brent Sincock - Yes he is Laughing! (you can hear him, can't you? don't you just wonder???)
Brent Sincock - ANOTHER beauty! These folks also went crab and shrimping on their first day out ~ Highly successful too! Sorry to say no pictures were recovered ~ MAny were taken ~ someone pushed a wrong button i guess ~ Maybe, just maybe it was me ~ My apologiies!

HINT! maybe Sincocks will e-mail me a few! PLEASE?

Thanks folks! Photo's compliments of the crew of the c/v Le Affaire Di Reel
Nikki had to turn this small King Crab back ~ Non-Residence cannot retain King Crab ~ Tim, Brent, Jennifer and NIkki had a sucessfull harvest of Dungeness Crab & Jumbo Spot Shrimp.

Photo Compliments of Tim Sincock
Pulling Crab Pots ~ (see the small King Crab?)

Photo Compliments of Tim Sincock ~
Photo taken by the crew of the c/v Reel Affair, Capt'm Joel Simonson and Chris Ystead

Thank you Gentlemen!
Nice line up of Coho gentlemen!

L to R: Ken Guelta and Mark Guelta

Ken and Mark fished aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.
Ken Guelta is pictured with a beautiful King Salmon! Nice Catch!

Photo Compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair
Ken Guelta with a nice Halibut ~

(Not to mention those smaller ones lying at his feet, did you notice those?)
I know they are both going home tired ~ It's like Ken said to me "This is called fishing, it's not called a vacation".

(Then I mentioned what time we needed to be at the airport for their chosen departure time of 6:00 a.m.)
L to R:

Alan Chilcoat
Carol Chilcoat
Larry Post
J'Anna Post

These folks chose our 2 Day 3 Night All Inclusive Package along with an additional "Lay Day" on July 2nd. A "Lay Day" is a non-fishing site seeing day.

Thank you folks!

Photo is Compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel De Bobine, Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle and Deckhand Roman Sorokin
J'Anna Post Fishing her Halibut.
L to R:

Allan Chilcoat,
Carol Chilcoat,
Larry Post
J'Anna Post

They harvested some gorgeous Halibut and earlier that same morning they harvested all their Kings! (another good day)
Alan Chilcoat, Larry Post and partially hidden by 'a fish' is Carol Chilcoat.

Yellow Eye! When first taken, they loose their vibrant Yellow/Orange color. Within a few minutes their color will have fully returned.
Larry Post showing off His First King Salmon of his Trip!

This, their first day, they fished with Zach Crosby on the Gulkana, having Ben Key as the Deckhand.

Photo compliments of the Crew of the Gulkana.
Well now .... OKAY! L to R:

53# ~ Halibut
Roger Lessard
86# ~ Halibut
135# ~ Halibut
Ron Pickens
103# ~ Halibut
Roman Sorokin ~ Deckhand

Photo 'Compliments' of the crew of c/v Reel Di Bobine, Capt'n Jeremy Twaddle and Deckhand Roman Sorokin

NICE! hehehe
Mine is bigger! NO! Mine is bigger! NO! Mine! ....

L to R ~ Roger Lessard and Ron Pickens.
Jumbo Spot Prawns ~ This fishery is alive and thriving!

We use a 1 inch mesh on our shrimp pots which allow shrimp that are smaller to fit through the net and escape.

Photo Compliments of Court Bennett
Thank You Court!
Left to Right are: Court & Kari Bennett, with Courts' Folks Marva & Lynn Bennett ~ the last day of their 3 day All Inclusive Package they knew they had wanted to go Shrimping ~ So they Jumped Ship on Zach Crosby on the Gulkana, and spent the day on c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with 'Big Tim & Lit'l Tim ~ The rest went down in the Shrimp & Crab history books...

Court Bennett is a contemporary sculpture to see his work go to
Marva (The Halibut Slayer) and her husband Lynn ~ NICE HARVEST!

Their Captain will prepare some of their crab and shrimp which is refered to as 'processing at sea' and is legal ~ I think the term Court (their son) used was 'gutted' (meaning they all ate to much - hehehe)

Photo compliments of c/v Le Affaire Di Reel with Capt'n Tim Twaddle and their deckhand Tim Baxter
Marva the Halibut Slayer ~ not too much more for me to say ~ This halibut dwarfs her! It's quite the end to a 3 day 4 Night All Inclusive Package ~

Remember folks - check out the recipe page! Thank YOu!
I think I will just take this oportunity to let the photo tell her story!

Nice Job Marva! Congratulations!
Court, Kari, Marva, and Lynn Bennett

"COURT BENNETT" Save Address Reminder

Subject: bennett trip photos
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 17:39:32


We had a wonderful time fishing with your group and will never forget the
experience. Zzack and Chase were terrific getting us into the salmon those first two days, and Tim and Tim treated us great with the crab and shrimp catching and, of course, that monster halibut!

I'm sending you a few of the photos we took.

Thanks again,

Court, You Are Very Welcome!
Left to Right;
Zach Crosby ~ Captain of c/v Gulkana
Lynn Bennett ~ Dad
Marva Bennett ~ Halibut Slayer & Mom
Court Bennett ~ Son!
Kari Bennett ~ Court's Wife
Chase Zeman ~ Deckhand

Photo Compliments of Mr. & Mrs. Court & Kari Bennett.
The King Salmon (Chinook) is a beauty Marva!
Nice work Barney!
Barney fished 4 days in June this year ~ In the past he has fished with us in July and August. Over the course of the last 6 years Barney has fished with us 5 of them.

This year he had two days which were quite windy, and on his last day of fishing he pulled out a 75 pound Halibut ~ another 90 pound halibut. He also harvested his King Salmon, AND a few Coho! (not including everything he harvested his first 3 days of fishing -

Barney went home with 161 pounds of Steaks and Fillets!


Thank you Barney - You are a gentleman!

Barney Bozik is Photgraphed with his Deckhand Ben Key aboard the c/v Discovery, Capt'n Ted Spear.
Bill Morton seen here on the right, harvested this very nice 72 pound halibut. Bill is pictured here with his Deckhand Tim Baxter on the left.

Photo Compliments of the crew of Le Affaire Di Reel, Captain Tim Twaddle and Deckhand Tim Baxter.
Lynn and Chuck Clanton ~ Lynn with her King and Chuck with a very bright Silver Salmon! All the salmon caught in the waters off Sitka are Feeders ~ the fish are strictly in our waters to feed and grow ~ This makes their meat firm and of the highest quality. This Salmon is what you will find in your fine restaurants, being served at 'Market Value'. Wild Alaskan King Salmon ~ Wild Alaskan Silver (Cojo) Salmon.

The Clantons' and the Mortons' also chose to have 72 pounds of the Coho they collectivly harvested Smoked!

Thank you folks!

Photo compliments of the crew of Le Affaire Di Reel with Cpt'n Tim Twaddle and Deckhand Tim Baxter.
Bill Morton harvested this very nice Chinook Salmon (King).

Lynn Clanton pictured with her deckhand Tim Baxter is living proof! Proof that fishing in the middle of the Tongass National Rain Forest does not hamper the fishing what so ever!
Thank you Lynn!

Photo Compliments of the crew of Le Affaire Di Reel ~ Capt'n Tim Twaddle and Deckhand Tim Baxter
Picture is Todd Smith Sr.

Todd Smith Sr., Charlotte Smith, Todd Smith Jr, & his wife Julie were the 4 anglers fishing aboard the c/v Gulkana with Zach Crosby, and his deckhand Chase Zeman.
Julie Smith - Nice King you have there!

L to Right is Chase Zemam, deckhand/swim instructor & Julie Smith Jr.
Remember: When arriving to Sitka, we ask that you arrive with cary on luggage only ~ your 'Catch' will be your check-in baggage going home!
L to R is Walt Wardzala side by side with good friend Art Pogosoff. The two other anglers who are not pictured here and completed this party of 4 are Daniel Wardzala and Robert Wardzala.

Thank you Gentlemen ~ Nice King's!
L to R is Robert Wardzala, Daniel Wardzala and 'Dad' Walt Wardzala with group leader Art Pogosoff ~

The featured 'Trophy' is this 175 pound Halibut.

Photo Compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair, Captain Joel Simonson, and Deckhand Chris Ystead who have been working as a team for two years.

In a Letter we received from Art in Early July, 2005

Dear Octobre
" .... after fishing Canadian and Alaskan waters for over 40 years, this trip ranks with the best ... I have also pulled a few of your photos off your website, and displayed them in a few of our larger sports shops.

Respectfully Art Pogosoff ~ Say hi too Joel for me...

Thank You Art!
A Beautiful show of Fish gentlemen! Look at all those COHO for June! Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon) have been filtering in since the 3rd week in May. Not Pictured is Art Pogosoff.
Art Pogosoff harvested this beauty! Nice King Salmon Art!

Dear Octobre,

" Thank you for one of the most successful fishing trips I've ever had in over 40 years of Canadian and Alaskan fishing.

The knowlegeable skipper, along with the excellent sleeping and dining accommodations, made for a hugely enjoyable trip.

Other than the fact the fishing was super, Reel Affair's genuine concern for it's clients ensured the fact that I will be returning! "

Art Pogosoff
Mooresville, IN.
this halibut weighed in at 175 pounds, and was harvested by Art Pogosoff.

The photo was compliments of the crew of the c/v Reel Affair; Captain Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.
Left to Right

Haven Hill and Ed Leidig. Haven is sporting that King Salmon, and Ed is holding up that Coho that was Harvested this is clear June morning. Steven Hill (Havens' son) also joined them this.

Thank you gentlemen!
Ed Leidig joined the Haven Hill~Bill Noland Party - These six gentlemen choose to 'Buy the Boats' ensuring them that each boat only fished the three men on each boat.
Steve Hill showing off his catch of the morning! Good Job Steve!

These three gentlemen ~ Haven, Ed, and Steve along with the Bill Noland Party, Bill Sr, Bill Jr. and Jeff choose to 'buy their 2 boats' ensuring that these two groups had their entire boat to themselves! (aside from the captain and deckhand)

Thank you guys!
Cruise ships visit Sitka throughout our summer. Some of the ships are in port 8 to 9 hours, others in port only 5 hours before continuing on to their next port of call.
L to R are;

Bill Noland Junior
Bill Noland Senior
& Jeff Marrison

Photo Compliments of the Crew of Le Affaire Di Reel

(nice fishes)
Billie Noland Junior on the Right~ Deckhand Tim Baxter aka Lit'l Tim on the left and a very nice 87 pound Halibut in the middle ~ Score!

Photo is Compliments of the Crew of Le Affaire Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle & his Deckhand Tim Baxter.
Jeff Marrison with a nicce COHO! They came in early this year (the COHO). It looks as though the season for Coho is shaping up to be very promising!

Congratulations Jeff!
Bill Noland Junior: Another beautiful King on another perfect day ~ Nice job Billy!

Bill Jr., fished along side his Dad Bill Sr. and their good friend Jeff Marrison.
Subject: Thank You
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005

What a wonderful time we had up in Sitka. I am already looking forward to our next visit with you and Tim. I cannot thank you enough for such an awesome time. You are so kind and the trip was so enjoyable. I wouldn?t have changed a thing.

The website shots are great. Jeff really had a great time as well and he called me and told me to check out the site. He loves the pictures, and he cannot stop talking about what a great time he had, (either can I)

Please send me the original pictures at this address.

Your Business is finely honed, sincerely enjoyable.

Your Friend, Billy (Thanks Billie!)
Bill Nolard Sr.

~ During Bill Noland's 3 Day Charter aboard Le Affair di Reel; a long time friend Mr. Haven Hill mirrored Bills' fishing trip and fished the same three days with Cpt'n. Joel Simonson on c/v Reel Affair.

Thank you for everything Bill - See you soon!
Photo Compliments of the Crew of the c/v Reel Affair; Captain Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead
William Rush playing his King Salmon ~
Be it Cruising, Commercial Fishing, Sport Fishing, Sea Kayaking, Whale Watching, Photography or Birding ~ The waters surrounding Sitka, Alaska offer abundant opportunity!

Photo compliments of Captain Joel Simonson and Chris Ystead ~ The crew of the c/v Reel Affair
Tom and Hope Sanders. This couple are avid sportsmen, they love both hunting and fishing!

The King Salmon is a beauty!
Gorgeous King Salmon Hope!

Tom and Hope arrived in sitka with their camper having taken the alaskan Marine Highway out of Bellingham, Wa. It is a beautiful trip, and when they arrive home in Early July, we will ship all their fish via Federal Express Priority Shipping! They'll receive Halibut, Yellow Eye, King Salmon, Coho, adn some Rock Fish!
Nice work Hope!
Looking back towards Mount Edgecumbe while fishing Halibut ~

Photo Compliments of the Crew of the Reel Affair; Captain Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.

Thanks Guys! Octobre
While working in Sitka, Don Orr was able to find the time to spend a day fishing. Don shared the boat with two other anglers.

The photo is compliments of the crew of the c/v Discovery and Captain Ted Spear
Scattered in their location a discerning eye will spot old World War 11 Army Bunkers. The construction of the bunkers was brought on by the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941.
Bill traveled the Inside Pasage on the Alaska Marine Highway System with his wife Shirley. Shirley remained in town seeing the sites, walking, & soaking up the local 'color' and history. Bill harvested Wild Alaskan King Salmon and Halibut on his two day charter.

If memory serves me correctly I think he went home with just about 45 pounds of fillets.
L to R is Nathan Low the Nephew of John Low. Nathan is holding a nice little Coho he harvested, while his Uncle sports that King Salmon!
Photo Compliments of Pat Ducken ~ Pat e-mailed this phorograph to me on 7/18/2005, and he had taken it on a fishing trip about 2 years earlier!

Thank you Pat!
L to R ~ Brad Sheridan, Flo Sheridan, and Allan Sheridan ~

This is the 4th season the Sheridan family (Allan and Flo) have shared with us. Each year they spend a full day Crab and Shrimping. This year we made the aquaintance of their son Brad.

Do you all see the Shrimp that Allan is biting the head of? Well! Rumer has it that he is pretending that Shrimp is his 'favorite' airlines... hehe

Allan ~ Thank you for the Antennea Weiner Schnitzel! (did i spell it correctly? Is that how you spell Weiner Schnitzel?)
Flo Sheridan ~ She's such a gentle woman ~ Nice job Flo!
Brad Sheridan harvested this nice looking King (Chinook) Salmon. The water is cool and crystal clear, the skys are blue. It's all good ...

We enjoyed meeting you Brad ~ & Thank You!
Allan Sheridan harvested a King (as his wife and son have) each and every day of fishing.

Thank you Allan for everything! (i remember when i very first spoke with you about 4 + years ago ~ Tim and i were doing our sportsman shows, and we had just pulled into the next city when you had called.
Brad Sheridan ~ Now remember everything your Captain cooks up for you on board, be it Crab or Shrimp ~ The Boiling Salt Water, The Steam, the Melted Butter, that is called processed at sea ~ it's all legal ~ the rest you take home!

Good Stuff, huh?
Jill Barger Caught this 97 pounder with the help of her Deckhand Zach Crosby.

Zack is aloso a captain and will be fishing for us on the c/v Gulkana

Bargers' fished aboad the c/v Le Affair Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle, and Captain Zach Crosby as Acting deckhand.
John Barger and his wife Jill are taking about 6 weeks to enjoy some 'get out of dodge' time. They will be returning home about July 18th. They'll give us a call and let us know they are ready to receive their fish! We will ship via Federal Express.
Photo Compliments of Dr. Joe.
Denny Sather, Lynea McIlraith, Kay Roetcisoender, and Jen DiBiase joined forces to go fishing for 3 full days.

Pictured here is Denny Sather with a beautiful King Salmon (Chinook) on calm seas and a beautiful day ~ it just dosn't get much better than that.

Thank You Denny~
Joining the 'Denny Sather' party is Kay Roetcisoender. Kay harvested this very nice King in the early morning prior to fishing her ground species.

Thank You Kay

Photo Compliments of Captain Tim Twaddle
Jen DiBiase fished alongside her good friends. They chose to have some of their Salmon Steaked, and some of their Salmon Filleted. It'll make for some nice dinners for a time to come
L to R Lynea McIlraith and Denny Sather.

Lynea harvested a very nice King for herself!

Limits on King Salmon were relaxed for the 2005 season.

It WAS 1 per person per day, not to exceed 3 for an annual bag limit.

It NOW is 1 per person per day, not to exceed 5 for an annual bag limit.

The King Salmon fishery is alive and well and the good management is reflected in the more generous limits the sportsman has been allowed to harvest for 2005!
Peacefull, great fishing, Captain and a Deckhand ~ what more could a person want?
Steve Forney fished along side good friend Todd Smith Harvested this nice King!

Good Job Men!

This Halibut is a beauty! Thanks for fishing with us.
L to R: Todd Smith and Steve Forney
Bald Eagles ~ I can count 6, maybe 7? Bald Eagles

Compliments of DR. Joe
Coupled together for one full day of combination fishing are the Andersons' Billy and Joy and the Smith Party ~ Todd Smith, and Steve Forney

Pictured here is Joy Anderson and Steve Forney with 2 beautiful King Salmon
Billie and Joy Anderson
Thank You!
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 16:20:05

Hi Tim And Octobre,
Just a short note to say thank you! You provided us with a fishing experience that we won't forget and hope that we can go again some day. We were both very happy that things worked out and we got to spend the day with Tim on his boat.

Thanks again, Hope you have a good season!

Note: Billie has been a life long friend of Tim's. (Tim Twaddle) Billie and his wife Joy came to Sitka to take a few days off visiting family they have here in Sitka.

(It was really nice to make your aquaintance Joy ~ 'tobre
She's a beauty! Joy and Billie went home with a really nice assortment of seafood for one day of fishing!

I just had to ask... "Billie did you get sea sick?" NO! ~ he said no! Then I rememberd he's a tow boat captain up and down the entire Alaskan Coastline ~ Geeze

Billie must love the sea ~ Work and Play!

To: "Alaskan Reel Affair Charters"
Subject: Re: Thank You!
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 16:23:41

Octobre, it was cool seeing our pictures on the website. The fish proccesing was great. Just another part of your first class operation.

Joy Anderson Harvested this Yellow Eye. Good work! I know you both came home pretty tired!

I enjoyed meeting the both of you, stay in touch!
Leroy Rolins was a member of this 4 person fishing party. The other anglers who accompnied him are

Randy Rowlins ~ Group Leader
Mark Schnackenberg
Bruce Harding

Thank You Randy

These gentlemen fished aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Capt'n Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead
Bruce Harding sporting a beautiful King (Chinook) Salmon! Nice, Very Nice!

Mark Schnackenberg and Randy Rowlins ~
They harvested these two nice halibut on this day.

These 4 men, Randy Rowlins, Mark Schnackenberg, Leroy Rowlins and Bruce Harding had choices each day they fished ~ Did they want to Steak, Fillet or Butterfly their Salmon? Maybe some Smoked Fish? Halibut, Yellow Eye, & Rock Fish are all Fillets.

Thank you folks!
From Left to Right: Deckhand Chase Zeman is supporting this nice King Salmon (Chinook) for David Schaefer who Fished alongside his dad, Don Schaefer.
Pictured is Deckhand Chris Ystead, David Schaefer, and Donald Schaefer. These 2 gentlemen had beautiful weather 3 of their fishing days, with one day being a bit windy with a light rain. On this day they fished leeward of the islands, and still had nice success!

Photo Compliments of The Crew of the 'Reel Affair' - Thank you!
Mount Edgecumbe has that classic volcanic appearance and is located on Kruzoff Island

Our Thanks go to Dr. Joe for providing us with this photo he snaped while fishing with us. Thanks again Joe!
Very nice King Salmon Bob!

6/14/2005 In an E-mail from Bob & Charlie Dawson ~

Bob and Charlie Fished aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel, Cpt. Tim Twaddle

Thank you, Thank you, so very, very much.

Charlie and I had a great time with you and your crew last weekend.

We finally left Sitka at 12:45 & walked into our house at 8:00 P.M. talking about the good time we had. Charlie and I almost had to buy a new freezer to get all the fish put away. :-)

Your charter service and the folks that work with you are 1st class. I'm already looking forward to next year.

Wait until Larry Saari see's what we came home with. I hope you have a great season. Try not to miss us to much :-) cuz we're going to miss you all a lot...

There can't be a better bunch of people to have working for you. You selected well, so please give them our thanks
& don't forget ~ if you have the time when you come down for your daughters' wedding ~ give us a call we are only 20 minutes from the Portland Airport.


Please give Julie our # so when she is in the area we can cook some Sturgeon for her too!

Thank you for the surprise in our box that was a total shock Charlie almost fell over when she opened it, I told her it was all for me but she informed me I was full of ___.

Thanks again you guys are AWESOME !!!!!

Hope to see ya soon and for sure next year.

OH YEA! please tell LITTLE TIM (Tim Baxter - Deckhand) !!!! We really caught a lot of fish once we got a good deckhand :-) :-) Litl' Tim was a lot of fun to have on the boat with us. He's another good choice you made for your crew.

Thanks again! Bob & Charlie

P.S. Here's a picture of the big sturgeon I told you guys about,the picture doesn't to her justice at all. She was a monster.

To Bob and Charlie ~ Thanks for all the kind words. you are both 'good people' & we will see you next year! (AND you can't come to Sitka unless Charlie comes too!)

From 'tobre ~ Thank you both - Tim and I are also looking forward to next year - I am sorry it took me so long to get your 'stuff' posted - some minor 'web' issues ...

Bob and Charlie's Sturgeon pc's are following ~
Charlie and Bob fished June 10, 11, 12, 2005.

It's highly likely that we'll need to put Bob, (Charlies' husband) on commision. We will be fishing an aquaintance of his next week...

Bob and Charlie Fished aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel, Cpt. Tim Twaddle
Charlene (Charlie) & Bob Dawson harvested this nice Sturgeon in 2004.

Rabbit Ears, how does a woman grow Rabbit Ears on an Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean ~ Rabbits are not idiginous to Baranoff Island Bob!

Bob and Charlie Fished aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel, Cpt. Tim Twaddle

Lucky for you ~ I have heard you are a Prince of a Man! (i only give you a bad time because you are truly a gentleman...)
Charlie caught this nice Halibut, It isn't the classic barn door, but this is the very best to retain for the table.

Nice Job Charlie!
Beautiful ~ Just Beautiful ~

This photo was Compliments of Dr. Joe. Joe Fished with us on June 7, 8, 9, 2005 aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel with Captn. Tim Twaddle.

Thank You Joe!
A beautiful day for fishing ~ Sharon harvested this healthy King Salmon on a morning in Sitka.

Sharon and Sheryl who hale from the State of Colorado, shared the boat with the Dawsons, Charlie and Bob who reside in Oregon.

Photo compliment of Cptn' Tim Twaddle
Sharon and Sheryl fished aboard Le Affaire Di Reel ~ Cpt. Tim Twaddle
Sharon harvested this Ling Cod. Ling Cod have a slot limit of between 30 to 40 inches in length. (Nice one)
Sheryl Chessick sporting a very nice King (Chinook) Salmon. Nice job Sheryl ~ Congratulations!

Sharon and Sheryl fished aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel, Cpt. Tim Twaddle
Dr. Joe captured this great shot of the Whale Blow on a crystal clear day fishing in Sitka, Alaska

Photo Compliments of DR. Joe MD

Subject: fish
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005

Hello Octobre and Tim,

I had a great time fishing with you and wouldn't hesitate to refer you to anyone who wants to fish a quality charter. I'm sending some of the photos You (Tim) and I took while fishing.

Thanks again and see you next year.

You are very welcome Joe - nice Halibut!
Ling Cod!

Joe shared the boat for his three fishing days with Jason Clark and David Camara. The three of them are planning to fish together for a 4 day fishing trip in 2006 ~ until this year they had never met one another...

Photo Compliments of Captn' Tim Twaddle

Joe is shown here with his 'deckhand' Captain Ted Spear aboard Le Affaire Di Reel & Captain Tim Twaddle
Joe shared his 3 day all-Inclusive Charter with Jason Clark and David Camara ~ they didn't know each other prior to fishing Alaska, but now they do ... Good Company.
It's a tough job out there but someone has to do it ~ Congratulation Joe!

Note: Joe, Thank you for all the photos you submitted to me for use on our site. The scenic shots are wonderful!

Thanks Again.

Throughout the miriad of waterways and the mulitude of islands is one beautiful scene after another ~ we never tire of any of it.

Photo compliments of Dr. Joe
The weather was perfect and Jason Clark harvested the Perfect Yellow Eye. Yellow Eye are typically harvested while Fishing for Halibut...
Good Eating!

Photo Compliment of the Crew of c/v Le Affaire Di Reel

Phote Compliments of the Crew of Le Affaire Di Reel. (Reel Affair in French)
Jason and David Camara Shared their 3 days of fishing with fellow angler Dr. Joe. They have all arranged to meet next year in Sitka for a 4 Day ~ 5 Night All Inclusive Pkg.

The Halibut is a beauty Jason! Jason Clark, David Camara and Dr. Joe shared their collective catch equally amongst themselves, for a '3-way group split'.
Jason Clark and David Camara fished a three day package and chose to share their collective catch equally amongst themselves and fellow angler Dr. Joe.

They 'll return in 2006 to share 4 full days of fishing together ~ These three men who were strangers in the beginning anticipate fishing together in 2006.

Thank you gentlemen!
Very nice catch Jason!
David Camara fished with good friend Jason Camara. Everyone went home with a nice assortment of seafood. King Salmon, Halibut, Rock Fish, Yellow Eye and Ling Cod... Nice, Very Nice!

Photo compliments of Tim Twaddle, Captain.
The John O'Connell bridge is a small suspension bridge erected in 1956. Up until that time local residence used a ferry to shuttle back and forth between Sitka on Baranoff Island, and our Airport on Japonski Island.

Photo Compliments of Dr. Joe
Jim fished along side his uncle Alex Burghart. This was Jim's treat to Alex ~ That one special fishing trip to Alaska.

A Beautiful Yellow Eye Jim!

Jim and Alex Burghart fished aboard Reel Affair and Capt' Joel Simonson.
Pictured L to R is Deckhand Tim Baxter aka 'Litl' Tim', Alex Burghart with his King Salmon, and Alex's Nephew Jim with a COHO silver salmon)!

(yes it's true we've seen COHO since late May ~ I'm thinking as are the rest of us at Alaskan Reel Affair Charters the COHO run will be a run to remember for 2005)
Jim and Alex harvested this very nice halibut during their three day charter.

Pictured here L - R is Jim Burghart, with his Deckhand Chris Ystead.

This is Chris's 2nd year with Alaskan Reel Affair Charters and Captain Joel Simonson aboard the c/v Reel Affair.
Pictured L - R are Jim Bughart and His Uncle Alex Burghart.

Jim and Alex went home with a nice assortment of seafood. They harvested Yellow Eye, Ling Cod, King (Chinook) Salmon, Coho (Silver) Salmon, and Halibut.

Thank you for fishing with us gentlemen!
Ben Key ~ A new member and Deckhand with Alaskan Reel Affair Charters is assisting Alex Burghart with this litle beauty! Good fishing to you Alex ~

Pictured in the background is Chris Ystead, a seasoned Deckhand of 2 years is involved in Ben's 'hands on training'.
Folks do sometimes ask - what is the name of that body of water?

(It doesn't really seem like the Pacific Ocean does it?)

Photo Compliments of Dr. Joe
Charlie Thomas, a gorgeous day, and good fishin'
Mannie Cervantas is featureds here with this his King (Chinook) Salmon. Good friend Charlie Thomas is looking on.
Charlie Thomas ~ Nice King ~ Beautiful Seas ~
A Native Alaskan Totem Pole standing in beautiful, historic downtown Sitka. Seen in the background is the Pioneer Home which is a highly reputable retirement home ranging from self care to full care facilities.

Photographed by Dr. Joe
(see you in 2006)
Nice King Salmon Kevin ~

Thank you both for everything ~

Think Recipe page ~ Think a name like 'Deitsch Family Salmon Salad'.. Has A Nice Ring To It Ehhhh? (Kevin said I could put his e-mail up here ~ drop him a line!)
Connie Deitsch ~ You just gotta love her!
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 16:02:58

Octobre and Friends,

Just a quick note ~ Thanks for the great experience, we are committed to doing it again-Soon! I will be sending a few pic's of ours shortly ~ some of the better ones!

Kevin Deitsch

Note: Kevin? I'm looking forward to the Salmon Salad Recipe
Octobre :)
Connie Deitsch caught this good size Yellow Eye.

Good fishin' Connie!

L to R; Connie Deitsch and Chris Ystead, Deckhand
Connie ~ (going for her Salmon!)
Such a beautiful back drop to the tremendous fishing in the waters off Sitka

Photo Compliments of Dr. Joe
L to R: Jose Moret, with good friend and co-worker Davis Moss. It's early June, Beautiful Weather, Calm Seas. Big King Salmon, Nice Halibut, a few surprise Coho! ~ Hard to beat it!
David id pictured here with his deckhand Chase Zeman and David's 64 pound halibut!

Photo compliments of the Crew of the Reel Affair with captain Joel Simonson.
L to R: Chris Ystead ~ Deckhand.
Forest ~ firefighter from Anchorage, who added on to the Moss party for one full day of fishing on June 3rd with Jose Moret and David Moss.

You can see their afternoon (after catching their Kings) was more than sucessful.
Nice Work!
From an E-mail sent to me 6/7/2005: Lloyd and I and our boxes of fish got home right on schedule. We had a great trip thanks to you. We really enjoyed our trip and have been bragging about it ever since we got home. Hope you have a really good summer. See you next spring. Yours, Lon

See you then Lon ~ Octobre

* Featured here is Lon Wilkie posing along side his 148 pound halibut ~ Lon harvested this Halibut on a 1310-T Lamiglas Salmon Rod using 25 pound test with a Penn 965, with a Gamagatsu Hook.

Impressive, isn't it?

Nice Job Lon - Thank you for fishing with us. (i have some research to do - but i think this may be a sport caught world record)
Lloyd Moore who fished along side his frien Lon Wilkie, captured here shortly after harvesting this beautiful bright wild King (Chinook) Salmon. Nice!
Lon ~ showing his skill at harvesting King Salmon.

Lon Wilkie & Lloyd Moore fished aboard the Le Affair Di Reel with Captain Tim Twaddle.
The Lon Wilke Party (3 days) fished along side Deitsch Party (5 Days) and collectivly enjoyed this group photo.

Lon Wilke the gentleman on the far right is the proud angler.

They all fished together aboard the Le Affaire Di Reel & Captain Tim Twaddle
Headed for a day of fishing running North through Sitka Channel.

Photo Compliments of Dr.Joe ~ Thank You Joe!
Charlie Pryde caught this Formitable Yellow Eye while they were fishing for their other bottom fish ~ Halibut and Ling Cod.

A Yellow Eye fillet, some sizzling hot butter ... YUM!

Charlie fished aboard the Reel Affair with Captain Joel Simonson, and deckhand Chris Ystead
Salmon are fun to fish ~

Halibut are a lot like work to fish ~

Except fishin' is fishin' so it's better than workin' ~

Nice 'work' Charlie!

Charlie fishied aboard the Reel Affair withCaptain Joel Simonson and Deckhand Chris Ystead.
Beautiful Kings Gentlemen!

From L - R ~ Robert Fox Sr.,
Charlie Pryde, and Alaskan Reel Affair Processor Kyle Pratt.

(not shown is Robert Fox Jr.)

These folks fished aboard the c/v Reel Affair with Captn' Joel Simonson, Deckhand Chris Ystead, and Fish Processor Kyle Pratt.
Whales are there to be seen and photographed though the course of your fishing day.

Photoc is compliments of the crew of the Affaire Di Bobine (Reel Affair ~ Italian)
Pictured here are:

J.B. Ferrarone,
Ted Ferrarone,
Ed (Ned) Ferrarone,
& Will Van Ness

Ned Ferrarone (Third from the left) spearheaded this fishing party ~ It was a whirlwind event! They flew in to Sitka the 27th, fished the 28th 29th, 30th, then flew home that night ~

Everything they caught the first 2 fishing days we had prepared for their flight home the night of the 30th.

Everything they caught the 30th we Federal-Expressed to their homes.

Thank You Gentlemen!
Ned Ferrarone harvested this King Salmon on a beautiful May morning!

Thank You Ned!
Dr. Joe captured this peaceful run up through protected waters through narrow passages created by numerous islands.

Our Compliments to Joe for providing this photo.
Jeff Russo is featured here ~ The run of King Salmon were a younger fish, and smaller than what we typically see each year. They are beautiful though, and the meat nice and firm.
Tony Robinson showing off the King Salmon he harvested this May morning. A pretty nice King Salmon! The fishing was good, the weather fabulous and the water speaks for itself ~

This Ling Cod was harvested by group leader Lindell Smith.

The folks who joined Lindell were
his wife Ina,
Jeff and Janice Russo
Jacki and Tony Russo
James Howard
Ray York
Joe Kraus
and Will Davidson
From Left to right Deckhand Tim Baxter, Tony Robinson, Lindell Smith, and Jeff Russo.

Folks who choose to do this just love it year after year ~ The sites are beautiful, the Crab and Shrimping is some of the best!
during their trip to Sitka, Janice Russo, Jacki Robinson (who celebrated her marriage to Tony of 40+ years) and Ina Smith joined their husbands aboard the Le' Affaire Di Reel for a full day of Crab and Shrimping.

Photo Compliment of Captn' Tim Twaddle
Featured here is Lindell Smith with good friend Tony Robinson along with one of the fish Lindell and the others in his fishing party harvested.
Jeff Russo along with Jeffs' Deckhand Teddy. Jeff harvested this halibut ~ the day was a bit foggy, and the water was calm.
Dr. Joe took this photo from the 'Green' in downtown Sitka facing west. Mount Edgecumbe our extinct Volcano can be seen in the distance.

Photo Compliments of Dr. Joe
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